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G.Skill RipJaws 4 16GB 2800MHz Review


G.Skill RipJaws 4 16GB 2800MHz Conclusion:

G.Skills Ripjaws 4 modules performed well in the comparison testing exceeding the performance of the comparison modules in almost every test at the XMP 2.0 rated speeds and timings. That in and of itself, is a reason to get a set of modules with tighter timings in the speed bin of your choosing. At 2800MHz, the G.Skill modules are at the extreme end of the spectrum if I was looking at DDR3 modules, but in DDR4 modules, it is right in the module of the G.Skill lineup that has X99 certified kits up to 3333MHz as long as your pocket can handle the hit for modules rated that high.

G.Skill have always catered to the overclockers and enthusiasts from back in the DDR days with some OnePageBook certified modules so they have been at the game for a long time now. As far as overclocking was concerned, I was not able to push these modules past 3070MHz, regardless of how I set the timings and voltages on my ASUS X99 Deluxe. A 270MHz bump using the XMP settings is nothing to poke your nose up at, but I felt there was more to be had with the modules. That just gives me something to check when I get my hands on a Rampage V motherboard.

G.Skill continues to deliver excellent looking modules in a variety of colors to fit the color scheme of the motherboard you will be using the modules in. In this case, the modules I am looking at are red in color over a black PCB that looks good with any of the gaming centric motherboards on the market, while black and blue offerings are available or in the works in case you need that color pattern.

The heat sink on the modules are not overly large, but with the modules rated for use at 1.2v you really are not generating a ton of heat. So they are more or less form, with added function if you do overclock them and push the voltage up into the 1.5v range for some fun. Just in case, the modules do come with a limited lifetime warranty for piece of mind. At $299 from many e-tailers you get a set of modules that offers up great looks that go with a relatively modest price point, considering modules in this speed bin are selling for up to $200 more for the same capacity and rated speed. If you need a set of DDR4 modules for your X99 build you can't go wrong with this kit from G.Skill.


  • Stock Performance
  • Tight Timings
  • Overclocking
  • Good Looking
  • Multiple Colors
  • Low Voltage
  • Pricing


  • NA

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