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G.SKILL Ripjaws KM780 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review


G.SKILL Ripjaws KM780 RGB Mechanical Keyboard: Testing & Results

Keyboard reviews are going to be mostly subjective in nature. The most important factors are: does it work, and how well – are there any major issues, or will it just come down to preferences. Testing of the G.SKILL KM780 RGB lasted over two weeks in a large variety of tasks– typing large papers; web browsing; media playback, including listening to music; gaming, including the use of the macro capabilities; photo editing; and other real-world scenarios. Testing included using all three modes, loading multiple profiles, and running through every single key and feature on this keyboard repeatedly. Testing was done to ensure this keyboard does provide full N-key rollover as advertised. If a keyboard works good, the only other qualifiers available to people are the looks and the feel of a keyboard.

Testing Setup:

G.SKILL Ripjaws KM780 RGB Mechanical Keyboard: Results


Everyday & Working Use:

The G.SKILL KM780 RGB is a solid, large keyboard. Anyone wanting something compact will not like this keyboard, and should instead look at a tenkeyless keyboard. Brightness is adjustable in three levels or off, but the maximum brightness is not very bright. The LEDs could definitely support brighter output, but running them lower should increase lifespan. The timer works great, except that the software does not display the text message or any alert within Windows. The audio control buttons work flawlessly, and having the stop button is a nice touch – if you ever want to restart a song or show you can hit stop instead of skipping back and forth. The volume scroll wheel works great with the LED audio display, but when adjusting the audio the whole keyboard will quickly blink and random keys will get brighter. This does not appear to be intentional, but is a entertaining quirk that makes me wonder if there is an issue with the ARM MCU as it doesn't happen if you continue to scroll when hitting either the minimum or maximum audio levels.

The keyboard is functional without the wrist pad, but anyone with wrist sensitivities may have a hard time with the angle required of such a tall keyboard. This is probably the tallest modern keyboard I have used, and I did not have issue without the wrist pad. But the included wrist pad did make it more comfortable to use. The odd styling indent in the center of the wrist pad did not really cause me any issues – if anything it helped me place my right hand quicker by memorizing where to place my hand. This is handy if you learn to do this, because you can move to the arrow keys or ten key section, or hit the audio keys and then resume typing. The wrist pad is hard, any cushioning is minimal, but the textured surface does help keep my hands planted where I want them. The surface also didn't stick to my skin, some gel wrist pads can have a tendency to grab.

The KM780 is a large keyboard full of features; if you go into this knowing and/or wanting that then there should be no issues. The Cherry MX Brown switches work perfectly as anyone should expect – Browns on this keyboard should be identical in feel to those on any other keyboard. Anyone new to mechanical keyboards should try to find a friend or store that has mechanical keyboards, or purchase a key test setup with some of the popular switches to try it firsthand. My personal favorites are the red and brown switches, but this is again a personal preference.



I took the gaming key caps off because they made it more difficult to type, and while they did help with pressing multiple keys with individual fingers, I found it took too long to get used to. It wouldn't make sense to switch keys just to play games. They do seem to help in gaming, but most people use their computers for more than just gaming. The macro keys work good, the layout takes some time to get used to, but you WILL get used to it eventually. I found myself reaching for the escape key and hitting G1 until I trained myself to know that the edge is now macro keys. The macro recording works perfectly, as do the mode keys. The Windows lock key locks out both Windows keys. The KM780 games perfectly and has plenty of room for custom gaming macros and key binds.

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  5. G.SKILL Ripjaws KM780 RGB Mechanical Keyboard: Testing & Results
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