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Thermaltake LUXA2 GroovyA Wireless Speaker Review


Thermaltake LUX GroovyA Wireless Speaker Setup & Testing:

I've been using the LUXA2 GroovyA Wireless Speaker with my iPhone and ASUS Maximus V Formula motherboard for several weeks for the purpose of this review. The bulk of the testing was done with my iPhone. I have not been disappointed in any of the ways I have used it. So let's talk about the usage. We have a variety of categories to cover, so I have them broken down as follows:


  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Battery life
  • Recharge time
  • Bluetooth performance
  • Smartphone app
  • Speaker phone



Indoor performance was just fine. There is plenty of volume range for an average room; in fact half volume is typically plenty - at least for me. The sound is crisp and clear from the highs to the lows. Keep in mind that with a small speaker and case, you can't expect ground shaking bass, but for the size of the GroovyA, I found the bass response to be certainly adequate. Stereo separation is also fine despite the relatively short distance between the speakers in the case.

As for range, I was able to keep a signal at close to 40 feet between rooms, which means that there was no direct line of sight. This will of course vary with wall thickness and composition, the number of walls, furniture, etc., between you and the speaker.



Of course outdoors you can crank the volume up all the way, which is what I did. No distortion, but with a mere seven watts you aren't going to shatter any windows. The signal was good with a straight line of sight, meaning the speaker was always visible (no obstrucitons). I could go a little over 50 feet before the signal would start to cut out.


Battery life:

After a full charge of roughly five hours, I was easily able to go the advertised 15 hours. Of course I was running at around half volume for most of the testing. But after using the GroovyA for several days, I was comfortable that the battery was capable of long use between charges.


Recharge time:

I initially charged the speaker for the recommended five hours. After that, I did several "top off" charges during all the use, and I never ran the battery out. During casual use of between two and three hours, I was able to top off the charge in about a half hour. Of course, you can expect the charge times to slowly increase as the battery ages, but modern rechargeable battery technology and materials allow for many years of use.


Bluetooth performance:

Pairing the speaker with my iPhone was easy and worked on the first try. I was able to reconnect at different times with no problems. By reconnect I mean to turn the speaker off, leave the room and come back later and turn the speaker back on. I was also able to easily pair it with the Bluetooth on my ASUS Maximus V Formula motherboard and use it as a computer speaker.


Smartphone App:

The LUXA2 app was easy to load from Google Play and installed with no issues. You can listen to music alteady on your phone or a wide variety of Internet radio and radio programs.


Speaker phone:

Using the GroovyA as a speaker phone was also easy. Once it was paired (via Bluetooth) to my iPhone, I could make calls with the phone. I could place the speaker on a table in front of me and, while I did have to speak up a little, I didn't have to scream into it to be heard on the other end. I also had someone call me using the GroovyA, and the sound quality coming from the built-in microphone was not bad.

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