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Super Talent The Godfather 16GB USB Flash Drive Review

Price: $35


A few days back, I was politely asked to review this USB flash drive, but I refused. "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse", he said. The next morning, when I woke up, I was covered with blood. I slowly lifted the sheets and I cried to death. I had found the head of my dog, freshly cut. A bit later, I ended up having the gun on the temper. I had no choice but to review this USB flash drive if I wanted to stay alive.

...I'm joking, obviously! However is that reminding you something? What if I tell you it is a movie from Paramount Pictures published in 1972? Yes, you got it. It comes from "The Godfather". This movie is considered by many one of the best movies ever. Thirty-six years later, Super Talent, a manufacturer specialized in memory with more than twenty years of experience, is making a USB flash drive with The Godfather as its theme. Included with it are quotes and still images from the movie, a deal that every fan of that classic cannot miss. So let's see what is special about this thumb drive.


Closer Look:

The thumb drive is sold in the typical small toy package. Nevertheless, it gets the job done. It protects the product from being scratched while still letting the buyer see it. Obviously, the cardboard reflects the thumb drive's theme: The Godfather. It is stated on the dark round spot that it includes quotes and still images from the film. A 16GB sticker has also been affixed. This shows there are different capacities for The Godfather thumb drives. This one is the largest one, however there are smaller ones, down to 1GB. On the back of the package, it is written that the drive is USB 2.0 and 1.1 compatible, plug-n-play and that no driver is required for most operating systems - the standard for USB flash drives. Finally, there is a picture of The Godfather himself.



The Godfather USB flash drive has a very sturdy rubber envelope. On the front, the title of the movie is written. Another small sticker about its capacity has been affixed on its right. At the back, there is another red shape. At first glance, you might not see what it represents. I thought it was a blood spill! If you still don't see what it is, I'll make you wait a few moments. You'll realize what it is a bit further down the page. Also, since The Godfather is copyrighted by Paramount Pictures, Super Talent has to write it on the USB flash drive. This is what you see in grey.



Removing the cap reveals the USB port. It fits tightly on it so there is no risk of losing by accident. If one pulls on the USB port, the other rubber part can be removed, however it is tighter than the the cap. It reveals the interiors of the USB flash drive. In fact, the metal USB port is part of the same thick piece of metal protecting the circuit. By the holes, one can see the memory chip and a small LED.



With the thumb drive is a small chain with another rubber piece. This one can be inserted in a diagonal hole in the corner. The rubber piece is exactly the size of a female USB port. It is used to put the cap on it when the USB drive is in use so that it won't be lost during usage.



When the USB flash drive is plugged into a computer, the small LED we've seen earlier lights red though a small transparent hole in the rubber casing. If the thumb drive is accessed, the LED will flash. Finally, I put it alongside a penny to show you how small it is. It is exactly 48mm long.



Do you recognize this shape? This is the one at the back of the USB flash drive! Yes, this is Don Corleone's face. These pictures are a glimpse of the collection that comes preloaded on the drive. There are 19 of them and some are in other languages, including french and spanish.





Overall, The Godfather USB flash drive has a nice design. Now let's see if the performance of this device is worthy of the Don himself.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Features
  3. Testing: Flash Memory Toolkit
  4. Testing: Flash Memory Toolkit Continued
  5. Testing: SiSoft Sandra
  6. Testing: Custom Files
  7. Conclusion
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