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GMC X-7 'X-Station' Review

Price: $99.95


It's said you cannot judge a book by its cover. This apparently does not apply to computers. Most computer users will decide that one computer is better than another based upon how cool it looks. Don't believe me? Go place an i7 rig in that junk case you have in your garage, and put a socket 478 rig in a brand new flavor of the week case. After you've done this, take them both over to your neighbors, who don't have any PC knowledge, and ask him/her which they think is the better computer. Undoubtedly they'll choose the flavor of the week case, unless of course they enjoy the look of moldy old looking computers. People have gotten so into what the computer case looks like, they'll make up all sorts of reasons why one brand is better then another. Most of those reasons have no actual foundation in real technology. Yes, I'm talking to you, Apple. PC enthusiasts, on the other hand, know that in order for a case to be good, it needs to offer some actual performance, in additon to flashing lights, shiny metal and extra gizmos.

Manufacturers have started going to great lengths to make their cases perform as good as they look. However, sometimes important factors are sacrificed in order to make the case look good. The end result could be cases that have absolutely no room for wires, cases that have extremely bad airflow or cases that have so many extra gizmos they just look stupid. GMC has attempted to design a case that looks stylish, but without a sacrifice in performance. This new midtower case has been branded the X-7 X-Station. Just how will it perform, and look? Let's find out.

Closer Look:

Almost as important as the case is the packaging it's shipped in. Both the front and the back of the box are exactly the same. They both show a giant picture of what the X-Station looks like. To the left of the case is the X-7 X-Station logo and a tag line that says, "Stylish Design & High Performance PC Case." Directly under that are six pictures that give us some input on the cases features. These include that the X-Station has two power switches, HD audio, a built-in thermometer, an LCD Display, a two-step fan control, and "Superior Airflow". The bottom right of the case features the GMC logo and the top right displauys their website.


Just like the front and the back, both sides of the case are exactly the same. They feature a background with a picture of the front of the case. In front of this picture is the GMC and X-7 X-Station logos. Under that is where the supplier can check off what comes with the case. The top of the box features GMC's website and the X-7 X-Station logo. There is also a flag-like drawing that says "HD AUDIO". I guess with this case you won't need speakers.



The X-Station itself was wrapped in a plastic bag and then sandwiched between two pieces of foam. This made the case fit very snuggly in the box it was shipped in so as to prevent damage. The plastic bag is slightly different from what most other cases are usually wrapped in. Instead of completely clear plastic, it was more like grocery bag plastic. It still prevents the case from being scratched during shipment. I guess that's all that matters.



Now that we've unboxed the X-7 'X-Station,' let's take a closer look at the case itself.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (The Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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