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GMC R-4 Bulldozer Review


Closer Look:

It is time to get a good hard look at what the Bulldozer really looks like. It does have many bulldozer-like qualities, but it does not look at all like a bulldozer. The front of the case is really cool and bulky, but this makes me worry that function may have been sacrificed for form. For those of you wondering, it's not operated on hydraulics. When the optical drive opens, the cover gets pushed down. This then compresses springs that will push the cover back up once the drive has been closed. This is a cool concept, but it limits use to only one drive. Below the big bulky optical drive bay is a 92mm fan. Directly under that is a temperature display that will display system temperature. Beneath that are the USB ports, power button, and audio ports. The right side of the case is exactly the same as on the GMC X-7 X-Station. However, this time that clear plastic part that looks like a display on the X-Station but isn't, actually is a temperature display here. The left side isn't a side panel. Yep that's correct, the Bulldozer has only one side panel. This could get very irritating, especially when trying to manage wires. The rear end of the case is what you'd typically expect to see.










Removing the single side panel reveals a very cramped case full of goodies. Let's forget about the goodies for a second, because the size situation immediately does not look good. Ironically, this is a quote directly from the box – "Make practical use of small space in the interior room." I first read that thinking, okay, they've made use of all the excess space. However, it appears to be the exact opposite. Instead of making use of extra space, they got rid of it all together. They've done such a good job at this, that I'm not sure my hardware will even fit in it.



Inside the case there are two fans; a 120mm fan in the back and a 92mm fan in the front. I'm glad to see that this time around GMC included a filter for the front intake fan. When it comes time to clean the filter, you can easily remove it by sliding it upwards.



GMC was not in the mood for drive bays when designing this case. You have two hard drive (HDD) bays that are located where the 5.25" drive bay is usually located. To install an HDD, you must first remove the HDD bay, attach the HDD to the bay, and then reinstall the bay. To install the optical drive, you need to pull off the bulky cover on the front. Doing so reveals the single 5.25" bay. At least it looks cool.




GMC wasn't very generous with extras that come with the case. What you get is a bag of screws and a user's manual, which is actually pretty big compared to that of the X-Station's. Last, but not least, you also get a mini-catalog with all of GMC's cases.

Now that we're slightly familiar with the case, let's start tearing it apart.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (The Working Components)
  4. Specifications and Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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