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GMC H-80 Case Review



For the most part the GMC H-80 is a decent case that has a lot going for it. But it also, unfortunately has some issues that just couldn't be overlooked. First let’s talk about the good aspects of the case. The H-80 is a mid-sized steel chassis that has a unique front bezel and design that give the case a nice look. There are four included case fans that come with the H-80, with two being red LED fans that will add red accents to the case when powered on. All of these included fans really help create a good amount of airflow throughout the case, reducing the system temperature to a very acceptable level that was equal to comparison models. These fans also managed to stay relatively quiet during operation, which was quite nice considering their cooling performance. Each intake fan on the H-80 has its own filter that will prevent dust from entering the case and are easily removed for cleaning. Best of all the though, is that the 250mm fan has a thick double layer filter that will let airflow though, but will stop more dust from entering the case than an average filter. Another nice feature of the H-80 is the large CPU access area. The access hole is large, fitting well with my Asus motherboard and a Gigabyte motherboard I put in for good measure. All of these positive aspects really helped the H-80 a great deal.

Some of the aspects of the case that could use improvement though, are the cable management system and flimsy front bezel. The cable management system utilized by the H-80 is decent at hiding the power supply cables, but this wasn't the issue. The issue came when it was time to close up the side panel that needs to be taken off while routing the cables. With all the cables running along the back of the motherboard tray there just was not enough room between the tray and the side panel to easily close it up, even when using the zip ties, I had to push very hard on the panel to get it on and even after I thought it was in place it popped off a few times. I am sure if you tediously route each cable with great care and take your time you might not run into this issue, but my guess is you still will. The other issue I had with the case dealt mainly with the front bezel, which looked nice, but was prone to finger prints due to it being very glossy and a few specific parts on the bezel felt rather flimsy. The offending parts are the drive bays and the I/O panel, which could have just been secured or designed a little better.

Looking at the case as a whole, the GMC H-80 is more than adequate. It has a good look with a decent amount of functions, but a fair share of issues as well. Ultimately for me, it comes down to what GMC lists the price at. If it is around $75 dollars it could be a real bargain, but if it comes in over $100 dollars it would be overpriced for what you get.



  • Looks good
  • Good cooling performance
  • Fan filters
  • Four included fans
  • CPU back-plate access
  • Quiet



  • Difficult cable management
  • Non-removable bay covers feel flimsy
  • Front I/O panel feels flimsy
  • Glossy front panel attracts finger prints


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