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G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780 RGB Gaming Mouse Review


G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780 RGB Gaming Mouse: Testing & Results

Mouse reviews are going to be mostly subjective in nature. The most important factors are: does it work, and how well – are there any major issues, or will it just come down to preferences. Testing of the G.SKILL MX780 RGB lasted over two weeks in a large variety of tasks– gaming in FPS, MMO, and other mouse intensive genres (including macro use); web browsing; media playback; photo editing; and other real-world scenarios. Testing included loading multiple profiles and clicking every button on the mouse repeatedly. All DPI and polling rates were tested at length. If a mouse works good, the only other qualifiers available to people are the looks and the feel of it.

Testing Setup:

G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780 RGB Gaming Mouse: Results


Everyday & Working Use:

Initially, the G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780 RGB gaming mouse is interesting to look at. Some might be turned off by the dramatic lines and bumps, while others will love them. It looks like it will transform at any moment. It is nice to be able to adjust the weight, width, and height of the mouse. I liked being able to tailor the mouse to my liking. At first it will take some time to get used to, but that is normal for any new peripheral. The MX780 mouse cable does fit into the KM780 keyboard's mouse cable holder, although it is a tight fit to get it in, and then it is loose once inside – and somewhat easy to pop out on accident.

The mouse performed perfectly for most tasks. Web browsing worked perfectly with the scroll wheel and left and right click buttons. The left buttons are mapped for forward and backward, but take some getting used to – they are more mushy and require more deliberate pressure to actuate. This could have been a design choice to help prevent accidental clicks. It just takes getting used to as they do work perfectly otherwise, since once you train yourself to press harder it becomes second nature.

For the most part everything worked fine. I use a wrist pivot method most of the time, meaning I do not make big movements, and I do not need large mouse pads. I set my wrist on the pad and use the higher DPI to move across the screen. The Liftoff Range did not prove problematic at all whenever I had to lift the mouse up. I did, however, experience an odd issue where the mouse would suddenly barely move, as if the DPI suddenly dropped extremely low. Perhaps it was recalibrating. The issue seemed worse with lower Liftoff Range than it did with it maxed out. Lifting the mouse again and putting it down would get it to snap out of this. It is possible the mouse surface contributed to this, since I was using a newer cloth mouse pad. I have heard laser sensors do better with harder surfaces; testing it with an older hard mouse pad surface like the Ratpadz worked perfectly.



The same issue that manifest itself in the everyday use was magnified for me in gaming. In FPS gaming, if you wrist pivot you will lift the mouse up repeatedly and frequently. I found it to function well when it actually functioned, but when it glitches out it gets tiring – and it was glitching a few times a minute on faster FPS games. I have heard the Avago ADNS-9800 sensor has a lot of acceleration built into it, and that it is unreliable how much acceleration is applied at a given time. Mouse acceleration is definitely on, but in the games I play I didn't have any issue; it probably even helped me. Windows, some games, and even at the hardware level some mouse acceleration is often applied.

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  5. G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780 RGB Gaming Mouse: Testing & Results
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