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Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H Review


Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H Conclusion:

The Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H operated flawlessly throughout testing. Performance was comparable to the other boards; the feature set was strong, the BIOS options were plentiful, and everything ran perfectly even using the automated features for overclocking! The Turbo Boost Ratio was at a full 39, allowing the CPU to operate as it should at stock default settings. The board is very capable of fulfilling even extreme enthusiasts' needs or those learning to push the boundaries. At the same time it is able to work right away straight of the box, keeping things simple for novices, plus with automated features an overclock is as easy as selecting an option and restarting!

Testing was done with the latest F7 BIOS as it gave me no problems. The F5 BIOS functioned perfectly except it wouldn't always change the memory multiplier. UEFI BIOS is quite a remarkable advancement compared to standard BIOS. Being able to customize is amazing; you can fine-tune things for faster access to settings you more frequently change. The only con I could really think of after everything is that the BIOS lacked scroll bars on pages that had more content that couldn't be seen without scrolling. Gigabyte updated this on the F7 drivers by changing the mouse icon to suggest that there is more content, but there is still no way to scroll other than by mouse wheel. This is a stretch; honestly there was nothing else I could think of.

For what the board is, it is virtually perfect. There is always room to want more, but this board didn't leave me feeling like I was missing out on anything. If there are any features you want that aren't provided, there are higher end Gigabyte motherboards that have them, but for a strong general purpose board this is hard to beat. The only things a user could realistically miss are: IEEE 1394 headers and Wi-Fi. IEEE 1394 isn't nearly as common as USB and Wi-Fi is a premium feature (that is offered on higher end Gigabyte boards). The software worked almost perfectly; it required an update but after that it worked without any problems! The only bug I noticed was incorrect memory frequency being reported but that didn't affect performance. The board was completely stable; the only time I ever had a crash was when the pushing the CPU with too low of voltages!

In the end this motherboard is another tribute to the reputation Gigabyte has been building over the years, and the looks match the performance!



  • Good looks
  • Overclocking
  • Cool operation
  • Stability
  • Multi GPU ready
  • Working software



  • Stock drivers and software have a few bugs


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