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Gigabyte Volar Review

Price: $30.99


The enthusiast market has grown tremendously over the last few years. Many new sockets have been introduced, and with each one comes new ways in which to cool their corresponding chips. Those of us who are avid overclockers constantly search for new coolers that will help us reach beyond the normal capabilities of our CPUs. Recently, most companies have focused on making these coolers larger and the fans faster. Every now and then, a company might find a new innovative solution that will increase efficiency while simultaneously providing extra features that can extend the possibilities of your hardware. One such device has been designed and manufactured by Gigabyte and promises to help the overall performance of your computer. The product is the Gigabyte Volar CPU cooler and features a new twist on an old design. The most striking feature is the angular inclination of the cooler itself. This design allows the cooler to provide efficient cooling for the CPU as well as the MOSFETs located on your motherboard. A very innovative design indeed, but performance speaks louder than design and we have yet to see how this product performs. So let’s move on to the testing and see how the Volar stacks up to the competition.


Closer Look:

The Gigabyte Volar comes in a very interesting package. The Volar’s winged-logo is placed at the top, with a small picture of the product to the left (or right depending on which side you are viewing), each with a different socket adapter installed. The cooler is visible from the outside due to the large windows that are cut into the back and front of the box. Both sides of the package detail the same information regarding the properties and features of the product. This includes the socket compatibility, RoHS compliancy and operating noise level and a few key features.



The sides contain pictures and text detailing the specifications of the Gigabyte Volar. The left side displays all the information in multiple international languages and briefly describes the MOSFET cooling solution in a photo at the top. The opposite side is written entirely in English and contains all necessary technical information and features with a few detailed photos.



Upon opening the package, you will notice that the Volar is shipped inside of a plastic shell that holds the Volar in place, preventing it from sliding around during shipment. A large white box is included in the package; it contains the directions for installation and all the necessary hardware and mounting brackets. Also included in the package is a small packet of thermal paste, plus a fan cable extension.



The instructions included with the Volar are printed in many languages; the first set of instructions are printed in English. The Gigabyte Volar is very simple to install and only requires a couple of steps. All steps included photos and captions, making installation fast and easy.


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  3. Installation
  4. Specifications & Features
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