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Gigabyte 7600GT Review

Gfcity Computers
Price: $169


7600GT….. We sure have come a long ways since the days of the fabled Geforce 2 MX400. This new series of cards (or GPU) from NVIDIA, called the 7600GT, is a new era of card all together. When that fabled call to upgrade comes, this 7600GT will be near the top of that list. A fusion of both performance and price, the Gigabyte 7600GT is definitely an eye grabber. Gigabyte was founded in the beginning of 1986 in a small lab. Gigabyte was then just a gleam in some people’s eyes. 20 years later they are a major supplier of Motherboards, Video cards, and other computer hardware. This 7600GT is bound to fly, coming from Gigabyte.

Closer Look

Upon receiving this new toy, I gave the box a hasty and relatively thorough examination, finding nothing out of the ordinary I cracked her open to get a glimpse of my new card.

Removing the supplied cables and the static bag containing… you guessed it the 7600GT.

Sliding the card out of the static wrap I was amazed at how much it actually weighed. I found out later that this was due to the fan less heat pipe cooler that Gigabyte has dubbed “Silent Pipe 2.”

Features and Benefits of Silent Pipe 2

Feature 1. Proprietary front-flow thermal module: the first Dual-slot heat pipe solution to utilize a convection slot at the back of the chassis to increase thermal dissipation.
Feature 2. Natural convection design: Silent-Pipe II technology artfully uses the temperature difference between the inside and outside of chassis, creating natural system convection.
Feature 3. High-precision die-casting process: uses the latest high-precision die forming technology to increase the thermal conductivity of the material that makes up the heat sink.
Feature 4. SLI ready: designed for compatibility with dual card configurations.
Feature 5. High performance heat pipe with sintered powder wicks: with the industry’s best powder-style pure copper heat pipe for ultra efficient thermal conductivity.
Feature 6. 3D performance ready: designed stability during demanding 3D applications.
Feature 7. Integrated architecture design: heat pipe and GPU actually make contact to provide unequalled heat conductivity. I  personally do not like the idea of not having a fan on the video card. It kind of worries me but at the same time I have found no faults in  their design that would  cause me to worry. I have had no problems with their Silent Pipe design on my other cards  whatsoever but it is nice to have it quiet.


This card is slightly larger than most, the back plate is double wide, so this was telling me it would be taking up two of my I/O slots.


Coming packed with two DVI-I ports, as well as a TV out port (requires adaptor) this seems to be the new standard for higher end cards. Something notable on this card was the weight, the fan less cooler added A LOT of weight to this card, whether this will be a strain on the PCI-E slot or not I will have to see.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation, Specifications, & Testing
  3. Benchmark: Far Cry
  4. Benchmark: F.E.A.R
  5. Benchmark: Doom 3
  6. Benchmark: Call of Duty 2
  7. Benchmark: Quake 4
  8. Benchmark: Need For Speed: Most Wanted
  9. Conclusion
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