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iOne Gemini R16 Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

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IOne has used the Greek word for twins in naming their new keyboard/mouse combo, the Gemini R16. It's an office keyboard and gaming mouse set, an unusual combination. However, the keyboard seems to be a promising product with solid construction, professional look, and 40 handy hot-keys. The mouse is pretty light with three re-programmable buttons, four way scroll wheel, and a DPI adjustment button. Oh man I can see all kinds of uses from this set!

As for iOne, I never heard of them up until a few days ago, but after doing some research I found that they're a subsidiary of Itron Technologies. They have been producing computer input devices since 1984 and sell their products at competitive prices all over the world; including Europe, North America, and Asia. I'm surprised that I've never heard of them up until now.

Closer Look

Well, here's the package. Looks like your average flip-out keyboard box. Please note that this is a special review sample given to us before the official release, so it this may be different than the final product.

Upon opening the box revealed the keyboard, mouse, and the mouse driver CD. Of course, you won't need to use the software unless you want to program your mouse, otherwise you can just plug it in and XP/2000 will take care of the rest. Note: There is no manual, but there will likely be one in the official release, but who needs it. It's pretty straight forward for the average-Joe. Both cords are a good length of about five feet, so no worries there. Now for the mouse...

The mouse is pretty cool looking with a sleek design. If you couldn't tell, it's symmetrical, so both right and left handed people can use it. The mouse cord is fairly thin and slides easily. Like most gaming mice today, this mouse uses a laser. There are a total of six buttons: left, right, DPI, page up, page down, and middle click, with a four way scroll. The scroll wheel is rubber and has a good grip, but it is a bit on the small side for my likes. Granted, it is a "gaming mouse," but I think that it'd be a bit uncomfortable after awhile. The iOne Scorpius N4 is on the far left, the iOne Gemini R16 mouse in the middle,and a standard Western Digital hard drive on the far right.

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