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Gelid Solutions Tranquillo Review



As part of Gelid Solutions Silent line-up, the implication is that the Tranquillo will be silent. In that respect, the expectation has been met and exceeded. One of the compliments I can bestow on this cooler, is that my son walked into the room and asked what was broken since it was so quiet in the room. Kind of an eye-opener once the white noise of high CFM fans used in air cooling are no longer there. Performance enhancements for the Tranquillo will be limited to adding a higher CFM fan to increase the cooling capacity of this cooler, since running a second fan on the back side is not supported due to its 'v'-shaped design. But then you step away from the concept of the Tranquillo.

When the cooler's performance is compared to other coolers with a similar design, the Tranquillo is slightly behind the curve with its lower CFM silent fan. However, when you look to the results of the stock Intel cooling solution, it is a much stronger cooling solution with about a 25% improvement over the stock solution when overclocked. The fit and finish of the cooler did not show any outward signs of defects or poor build quality. The base plate was smooth but not mirror finished, something I don't put a lot of stock in anyhow.

Mounting the heat sink was no more difficult than any of the myriad of coolers on the market. The base plate fits correctly and the spring loaded screws seem to provide enough tension to keep the heat sink from swiveling around on the CPU. As a larger tower style heat sink, you sometimes run into clearance issues with motherboard components or the system memory. When installed on my MSI Eclipse SLI, the first DRAM slot was made unusable by the installation of the Tranquillo. This is not a problem exclusive to the Tranquillo, as just about any tower style heat sink is going to run into this problem. The most commonly used slots on an X58 board are the 2, 4 and 6 slots, with these still being wide open for use. Priced just under $40, the Tranquillo is a great upgrade from stock cooling to keep your processor cool, as long as you keep the voltages and clock speeds in line when you venture into the world of overclocking.



  • Silent
  • Unique looking
  • Fit and finish
  • Tower design
  • Large size
  • Multi-socket compatibility
  • Bolt-on heat sink


  • Only single-fan capable
  • Fan clip challenging to install


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