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GELID Silent Spirit Review

Price: $29.75


When deciding to upgrade a heat sink to keep a processor running good, a few key questions arise: how effectively does it cool, how loud does it operate, is it easy to install, and how well does it fit in with the computer. Some aftermarket heat sinks are designed for optimal silence, and others for cooling with more still falling between the two extremes. Featuring four heatpipes and a top mounted fan, this heatsink reminds me of the TT Big Typhoon in the looks department.

Gelid is a relatively new company, founded in 2008 and located in Hong Kong, China. According to the company, the name comes from “The English word "gelid" [which] is derived from the Latin word “gelidus” (extremely cold, icy).“ They currently produce two lines of fans, heat sinks, and other products for gamers and for silence including thermal paste. The company’s vision is to “Combine quality and ingenuity to set the standard in creating best- in- class products for global computer enthusiasts “. The product reviewed today is their Silent Spirit, which is geared towards silent operation.


Closer Look:

The packaging for the Silent Spirit feels high quality, and is covered with information and designs. The front gives a sneak peek to the cooler, along with logo, brand, and website address, also detailed is the four centered heat pipes. The side lists the key features of the heat sink, including silent operation, long life, rubber fan mounts, high airflow, an intelligent PWM curve, optimized fan blade design, unique heat sink angle, fin architecture, and heat pipes. Also shown is a chart comparing generic regular PWM curves against those in the Gelid fan.




The rear panel lists the features in much more depth, reiterating with a broader explanation of what the side panel said, and giving specifications such as the maximum air flow of 45.8 cfm, thermal conductivity of 0.17 c/w, noise variance of 10-25.8 dBA, life time MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) of 50,000 hrs at 40c ambient, and 5 year warranty. The other remaining side lists all compatible processors, ranging from socket 754 to AM2+ Phenom 9850BE on the AMD side, and All Pentium and Core 2 processors from Intel. For socket 1366 mounting clips must be purchased separately. An image indicated the direction of airflow, and possible mounting orientation.



The top is decorated with a silky silhouette, continued across the entire package. The top is perforated in two places, the side for opening the flap that helps keep the box shut, and the middle for a punch-out that may be inserted for hanging the box in a retail setting. The bottom lists RoHS compliance, barcode, and being “Made in China”.



Once open, the flaps reveal the punch-out, and the manual neatly sitting on top of the heat sink. The heat sink itself is held in place and protected by a two-piece plastic mold. Underneath it all is the AM2 mounting brackets, and Gelid case badge.



For mounting to the latest Intel socket 1366, brackets must be ordered separately. The front of the box echoes the design of the heat sink, lists the function – mounting clip for CPU cooler, with a basic drawing of the brackets. The side lists the same information, and that it is compatible with the Gelid Silent Spirit.



The rear explains how to install the new brackets in five languages, the dimensions of the mounting clips, weight, and 1366 application. The box itself only contains the clips, inside a baggie.



Now that we are familiarized with the packaging, and equipped with the tools to mount it, let's take a look at the Silent Spirit.

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