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GELID Solutions Low Speed Optimized Silent Fans Review

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Closer Look:

The molding holds the items well, with an included fan controller and rubber fan mounts that absorb vibration and help keep things silent. The fan glows very well with added light and would look great in the right case. The clamshell packaging is thin but holds it well together, fitting in four rubber mounts, fan speed controller, fan controller wires, and the fan itself. It all stayed in just fine and slid out of the box easily. The Nanoflux bearings combined with the fan speed controller and rubber mounts add up together for the ultimate silent system. The fan is rated to start at 5V and may go even lower, has a 100,000 MTTF, and is dust and water proof so it should operate quietly and last for a very long time. The 64.3 CFM rating would make this a good fan for home theater PC or other quiet computing systems.









The front of the fan is clean and the wings add a little something to the looks of the impeller. The housing is solid and pairs well with the impeller. The back of the fan has a sticker for the company website and some settings. To remove the fan, users are guided to push the impeller from the backside - it just pushes right out. The fans are made in China.



The Silent 12 PWM is comparable to the Wing 12 in impeller size, which has an eggshell texture to it. The specifications are a little less than the Wing 12 with higher dBA and lower CFM/pressure. The four-pin PWM plug can be installed into either three or four pin fan connections, and is geared toward CPU cooling usage. Both sides have stickers for Gelid, with the rear having specifications and web address.



The Silent 8 TC looks just like the Silent 12 but, of course, smaller. The Silent 8 TC has two cables, one is for the fan header and the other is for the thermal diode that controls how fast the fan should run. Also crammed into the box is a case sticker and four rubber fan mounts. The impeller and back both have stickers with the back having the basic specifications.



The thermal control diode is very small and sleeved to match the fan header cable. This little guy should be taped to a heat sink or propped into heat sink fins to register heat well, otherwise it will be running at low RPMs. The included rubber fan mounts help absorb fan vibration and isolate noise.



With the fans unboxed, let's take a look at their specifications real quick before testing them out!

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