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Geil EvoOne DDR2 Review

Price: $120


Are you like many other computer enthusiasts trying to get the most you possibly can out of your processor? What about the memory that you have installed in your system, has it been holding you back? Are you unable to get those high front side bus clocks because your memory cannot handle it? Well, maybe you need to take a look at the DDR2 series from Geil called EvoOne. This memory looks like it can handle as many volts as you can throw at it, and handle the heat with the stock passive cooling solution Geil has placed on the sticks. Well, enough talking about them, let;s see exactly what they are made of and see how they perform.  

Closer Look:  

When you first take a look at the packaging for the Geil EvoOne DDR2 memory, you may think the exact same as I did, "WOW this packaging is huge! What would Geil ever need such huge packaging for?" Well, when we get it opened up we will find out exactly why they decided to go with such a huge package. The front of the the box is very simple, and only tells you and shows you what you need to know about the memory. The package is a nice brilliant black package that has a very nice artistic computer generated image. In the middle of the package you are able to see a nice little glimpse of the memory's cooling solution, with the heatsink's fins exposed to air. The bottom of the front is where you are going to see the name of the line, EvoOne, and Geil's logo printed under it. When you flip to the back of the package there is another nice outline design on the back along with all of the specifications you are going to want to know before you purchase a kit of memory. This states that it is DDR2, runs at 800MHz with CAS4 and has a total capacity of 2GB in the two stick configuration. When you open up the package and take the protective plastic piece out, you'll find out exactly why the packaging is so large - the cooling solution for the EvoOne kit takes up quite a bit of space.



Well, what else can you say when you first take a look at these sticks of RAM, other than, "Wow, they look like a pair of beasts!" I am very impressed by the sheer look of the kit overall. The heatspreaders that Geil has decided to include on the EvoOne line of memory makes them look like they would be able to tackle the world, and deal with what ever amount of voltages you can dish out at them while keeping the heat from destroying them. The front of the sticks has Geil's logo, which has been placed directly under the opened up area to help cool the sticks. On the back you are going to be able to see the manufacturer's tags, as to show you exactly what these sticks are and what the ratings for them are. They are rated to run at 2.0v, with a cas latency of 4, putting the timings at 4-4-4-12.  Those are very tight timings, making this memory quite quick.  I am curious to see how well they perform.



When you take a closer look at the design and how the heat spreaders are installed on the Geil EvoOne memory sticks, you will need to take a look at it from two different angles. At the bottom where the contacts are, and from the side also. When you look at the way the heat spreader is attached from the bottom, you will see that the material used for the heat spreader is a nice thickness, not too thin like some other heat spreaders but thick enough to extract heat from the stick. The side angle is where you are going to see how the heat spreader is held on. You can see that the chips on the sticks are where the heat spreaders are attached with. When you look above the PCB of the sticks, there is a gap where air is able to pass through, allowing the heat spreader to cool passively. How this is accomplished is through the use of a heatpipe and fin assembly, as well thick heatspreaders..


Now that we know what they look like, we need to take a look at what these sticks are made of.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Specifications & Features
  3. Testing (Setup, Cpu-Z, Task Manager,Overclocking)
  4. Testing: PCMark Vantage, Sandra XII
  5. Testing: Company of Heroes
  6. Conclusion
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