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GameTiger Triple Case Roundup Review


Closer Look:

Last but not least we have the GameTiger flagship: the T-Rex Fr-16. The T-Rex is larger than the other two cases but is also packed just as well. There were no broken parts, no busted packaging, and it was again a pain to remove from the box the first time. The same sturdy foam end caps kept everything intact and a clear plastic bag shields from the trials and tribulations of shipping around the world. Thankfully there is no large "T-REX" logo or anything like that on the side of the case; keep reading to see what this predator has in store!















Finally freed from its packaging the T-Rex Fr-16 stands tall. The left side panel has mounting holes for not one, not two, but four 120mm cooling fans. Due to the width of the case I imagine these will only be useful with a shorter CPU cooler but more options are always better! The rear side panel has a large bumped-out portion to assist with cable management – perhaps GameTiger has outfitted this beast with enough room for some real cable hiding fun! The front panel, at a glance, instantly brings up memories of the venerable Cooler Master HAF series in terms of styling and layout. Mesh dominates the front of the case with the front I/O section integrated into the front panel near the top. The rear of the case is fairly standard-fare with water cooling ports near the top and a 120mm rear exhaust fan. Curiously enough there are plugged openings for VGA and HDMI ports, which make me wonder if GameTiger has something up its sleeve for the future.




The front panel is, unfortunately, clothed in more than a small amount of glossy black plastic. The I/O panel is integrated into the front and includes a USB 3.0 port, three USB 2.0 ports, and headphone and microphone jacks. The power button and reset button are located in the center and are enough out of the way to avoid accidental presses. The top of the case sports a 3.5" / 2.5" SATA docking port flanked by a small dial to control fan speeds along with a blue LED that varies in intensity with fan speeds. It is a bit difficult to see in the picture but there is also a separate HDD activity light for the top docking port. This is a welcome addition since many cases lack an activity light for their external docks entirely. The lower portion of the front panel is covered in more of the familiar mesh we all love and hides a red LED 120mm intake fan.




The left side panel includes mounting points for the common 120mm fan (up to four of them) or a single 200mm fan. Each of the mounting points has rubber grommets to cut down on vibration and fan noise. The backside of the case again hints at a tool-less locking mechanism for the rear expansion slots. If you didn't notice in the above pictures the T-Rex Fr-16 is supported by a pair of extremely sturdy plastic stands. These sit slightly wider than the case itself and elevate the entire chassis off the floor by nearly an inch. This bodes well for airflow even on high-pile carpet. There are two fan filters on the bottom of the case between the two feet. They do not slide out as I am accustomed to but rather require a fair bit of force and some twisting to remove. This will probably limit how often you want to clean them but they are still a welcome addition to keep the internals of your rig clean and dust-free.




The top of the T-Rex Fr-16 houses a 120mm cooling fan behind the external SATA dock. The mesh cover here rises up for access with a simple push on the front of the mesh to unlock it. Lifting the mesh up and out of the way reveals the fan for easy cleaning or replacement. Having the fan mounted externally like this allows for a lot more room on the inside of the chassis itself, which is always appreciated.



Overall the outside appearance of the T-Rex Fr-16 is fairly aggressive without resorting to bright colors and a lot of lights. I like that it borrows styling cues from the Cooler Master HAF series, although I do not like all of the glossy plastic adorning the front panel. Move on to the next page to find out if the internals can back up the tough appearance of the exterior!

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  6. Closer Look: (The Case) T-Rex Fr-16
  7. Closer Look: (Working Components) T-Rex Fr-16
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