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GameTiger Triple Case Roundup Review



Just for reference here is a quick shot of each of the cases next to each other for a last-page size and style reference. Keep this in mind as you read through the conclusions!


Mage Mi-3

Being the least expensive of the three cases from GameTiger I expected to find some corner cutting and shortcuts to produce a $59 case. I couldn't have been more wrong. While this isn't a case that you can kick and punch without worrying about damaging it, it is more than sturdy enough to stand up to everyday use. Cable management was difficult since there isn't really much room to hide anything but at the same time without a window, as long as the cables are out of the way, there's no real harm to that. Overall the styling is top-notch, the fit and finish is surprisingly good, and the cooling performance is impressive considering only a single fan is included by default. I don't think you'll find another case with as many features as this one for such a low cost – the performance and laid-back styling are exactly what the inexpensive case world has been missing!



  • Attractive styling
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Good cooling / quiet performance



  • A bit flimsy overall
  • Cable management difficult



Tiger As-19

Being the middle child and excelling is always a tough battle. The GameTiger Tiger As-19 splits the cost between the less expensive Mage Mi-3 and the more expensive T-Rex Fr-16. It does offer a few more features than the Mage Mi-3 with its included fan controller, GPU/GPU partition, and tool-less expansion slots but at the same time it is unfortunately wrapped in what I consider a fairly ugly exterior. If you can ignore the looks then your extra $20 gets you an extra fan along with a slew of useful features that make building a machine a lot less of a headache. Personally I'd pass on this case for the looks alone but if the styling "Excites your passion" then there's really nothing wrong with this case at this price point.



  • Good features for the price
  • Well thought-out tool-less design
  • CPU/GPU partition for better cooling
  • Good cooling performance and noise



  • Styling is a bit "loud"
  • Slightly flimsy construction
  • Cable management difficult



T-Rex Fr-16

The T-Rex Fr-16 is the flagship of the GameTiger lineup and from the list of features to the cooling performance it really shows that it's crammed a lot into the $99 asking price. The fan controller works well and includes hookups for two additional fans. The built-in SATA docking bay functions perfectly and makes drive testing buttery smooth. The cooling performance is simply outstanding and it performs that cooling duty without making much noise at all – bravo GameTiger! The drive bays are removable and reconfigurable to match nearly any requirements even if you want to cram dual Radeon HD 7990s or GTX 690s into this little predator. With the exception of the front panel design (glossy finish and attached wiring) there really are no faults that stick out on this case. Its feature list and performance is unmatched even when compared to more expensive cases. If you're looking for a new case to stomp out your cooling problems then the T-Rex Fr-16 is definitely worth a look!



  • Terrific cooling performance versus noise
  • HAF-esque looks
  • External SATA dock
  • Convertible drive bays
  • Good cable management built in



  • Pricier than the other two cases…but still very competitive
  • Front panel hard to remove after wiring
  • Lots of glossy plastic for fingerprints
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  1. Introduction
  2. Closer Look: (The Case) Mage Mi-3
  3. Closer Look: (Working Components) Mage Mi-3
  4. Closer Look: (The Case) Tiger As-19
  5. Closer Look: (Working Components) Tiger As-19
  6. Closer Look: (The Case) T-Rex Fr-16
  7. Closer Look: (Working Components) T-Rex Fr-16
  8. Specifications & Features
  9. Testing & Results
  10. Conclusion
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