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GameTiger Triple Case Roundup Review

Price: $59, $79, $99


Today we have something special for your reading pleasure: a triple-case roundup from GameTiger. GameTiger Corporation was founded last year (that's 2011 for the math-impaired) with the mission to deliver innovative top-class cases for gamers and enthusiasts all over the world. GameTiger is a relative newcomer to the world of gaming-oriented cases and it looks to be poised to deliver feature-packed cases at low price points. It remains to be seen whether or not GameTiger can deliver upon its promises, especially in today's ultra-competitive market where you can pick from hundreds of cases at nearly any price point imaginable.

GameTiger sent a fairly well-rounded lineup for me to review. At the lower end of the price spectrum at $59 MSRP we have the Mage Mi-3. Splitting the mix is the Tiger As-19 at $79 MSRP. Kicking it up another notch at $99 MSRP we have the T-Rex Fr-16. Spread from the extremely affordable $60 price point up to the more lavish $100 price point, GameTiger has cases squarely in the middle of most consumer price targets. GameTiger aims to "excite your passion" with its interesting lineup of value-driven cases, so continue reading to see if it'll excite your passion or incite your rage.


Closer Look:

The packaging for each of the cases is fairly similar but I'll go over each one in turn (from least expensive to most expensive). The Mage Mi-3 comes in a pretty standard two-color printed box with one of those glorious colors being the bare cardboard package. The front side of the box shows a nice isometric view of the front of the case along with a list of the product highlights. For the Mage Mi-3 the box boasts about the mesh design, superior quality, USB 2.0 interface, coated interior, built-in cooling fan, and the integrated cable management. I'm a bit skeptical of the reasoning behind bragging about the USB 2.0 ports, but hey, six bullets look better than five right?

Spinning the box around to the left reveals a list of specifications in what I believe to be Russian. Continuing around the box to the back side we see a repeat of the front of the box but again with the text in Russian. Interestingly enough, the GameTiger slogan of "Excite your passion" is still in English. Moving on to the last side reveals the specifications table in English along with a list of what fans are included for cooling and how many you can add if you choose to do so. It appears that you can install a total of eight fans within the case, but given its small stature I have the feeling you'll be limited by space rather than fan mounts.










Moving on to the middle-child of this roundup we have the Tiger As-19. The packaging here is essentially identical to the Mage Mi-3 with the exception of the features listed on the front panel. The Tiger As-19 appears to have both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces included standard in addition to the features listed on the Mage Mi-3. Interestingly enough "superior quality" is missing from the list but I'll chalk that up to marketing not wanting seven bullets versus the implication that it is not of high quality. I have no doubts that the Tiger As-19 will be of similar or better quality than its less expensive brother. Moving around to the sides of the box the similarities are obvious. Two sides are dedicated to Russian language and two of them for English. The specifications table lists that the Tiger As-19 comes with two cooling fans by default and a total of four can be installed if you have some extras laying around.




The T-Rex Fr-16 continues the packaging trend with the only real difference being the name, picture, and the fact that it has a list of eight features on the front of the box. The main two features that stand out are the built-in HDD docking station and the built-in fan controller. The Tiger As-19 also has a fan controller but for some reason this is not noted on the packaging. Based on the image on the side of the box this case looks to be taking its design cues from the Cooler Master HAF series. The right side and rear panel again detail the same things in Russian that exist on the opposing English sides (well, I assume they say the same things, I can't read them to confirm that). The specifications table reveals that you get a total of three factory-equipped fans with the T-Rex Fr-16 and you can add up to four more for a total of seven 120mm fans. The four optional fans are all located on the side panel so be warned that you probably cannot run a tall tower cooler in combination with a fully-loaded fan configuration.




Looking at all of the boxes together it's easy to see that the T-Rex Fr-16 and Tiger As-19 dwarf their little sibling the Mage Mi-3. None of these cases are particularly large, which only highlights the small stature (both width and height) of the Mage Mi-3. Keep reading to find out more about each case!

  1. Introduction
  2. Closer Look: (The Case) Mage Mi-3
  3. Closer Look: (Working Components) Mage Mi-3
  4. Closer Look: (The Case) Tiger As-19
  5. Closer Look: (Working Components) Tiger As-19
  6. Closer Look: (The Case) T-Rex Fr-16
  7. Closer Look: (Working Components) T-Rex Fr-16
  8. Specifications & Features
  9. Testing & Results
  10. Conclusion
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