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Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 Review


Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 Conclusion:

I've been really impressed with the Maelstrom 240. I have to say that initially it did not jump out at me (aside from the red fans) By that I mean, I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary given the array of AIO liquid coolers on the market today. It is easy to be just another face in the crowd. Well, I was wrong. It all comes down to performance, and the Maelstrom 240 delivers. Not everyone overclocks, or stresses their system, but if you do, the Maelstrom can keep the temps down. And really, considering that this is DEEPCOOL's first entry into liquid cooling, the company have definitely scored a knockout.

Of course, being an AIO cooler, RAM space is not an issue, and this is certainly a plus if you are a fan of  RAM with the stylish, high profile heat spreaders. The white "breathing" LED GAMER STORM logo on the face of the pump is also a nice touch. I like the red fans and the remote fan header. So as I go over the Maelstrom 240, I found a lot to like, and really nothing to dislike.

Coming in at $105.99 puts the Maelstrom 240 in the pack of similar sized coolers around the $100 range, and I believe this is a reasonable price. The build quality is top notch, right down to the packaging and the "breathing logo" that just begs to be in a case with a big side window. If you are a looking for a cooler upgrade, or perhaps you are simply ready to try out liquid cooling, you won't go wrong with the Maelstrom 240!



  • Impressive performance
  • Ease of installation
  • Low-noise fans
  • RAM slots are accessible
  • Detachable fan impeller for ease of cleaning
  • Red fans (if you like red fans)



  • Red fans (if you don't like red fans)


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