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Gamer Storm Lucifer Review

Price: $60

Gamer Storm Lucifer Introduction:

Gamer Storm is a new division of Deep Cool and as you can probably guess, the focus of Gamer Storm is, of course, gamers. Under the Gamer Storm umbrella there are several items, including the GS120, which is a 20mm-thick fan for small cases, the GF140 high-performance fans, the Dracula 7970 GPU cooler, and three CPU coolers — the Gabriel, the Assassin, and for today's review, the Lucifer. This new cooler from Gamer Storm can operate with an included 140mm PWM fan or fanless in a "silent" passive mode. My wife usually calls me when review products show up at the door, but this time it was a little different. She called me to tell me that Lucifer had arrived and was waiting for me. Uh, what? Well, I suppose I knew it was going to happen one day, just not so soon. Should I be excited, scared, or maybe a little of both? This would be a perfect Halloween review.

The Gamer Storm logo even has a backstory. From the Gamer Storm website: "The face Logo of GAMER STORM represents a gamer. A drop of blood and tear on the left part of the face reflects the hardships gamers have been through and they never lose faith in their belief. The right part is the Sanskrit of GS, meaning that gaming is the religion of gamers and they show their enthusiasm about extreme gaming performance and gaming products."


Gamer Storm Lucifer Closer Look:

The box has a dark, ominous look about it. The foreboding graphics are purposely understated as Lucifer needs no fancy introduction. Right there on the front panel it says, "Devour The Heat In Silence." For some reason, Sympathy for the Devil (by the Rolling Stones) is now playing in my head. Seriously, the layout and design of this box are just perfect.  The metallic green font against the matte black background poised next to the oversized logo send the message that this cooler is ready for business.

Remarkably, there are no pictures of the cooler on the box. One side panel simply has the logo and Lucifer name while the other side calls out the features, noteably that the "Lucifer CPU cooler is designed to cool those processors under 100W in fanless mode to create a totally silent system: meanwhile, Lucifer is capable of cooling high-end processors up to 130W TDP with the help of good airflow inside the case."

The rear of the box lists the socket coverage and also the general specifications. The top has a nice carrying handle, which I really like.











Johnny Cash would love this packaging — everything is black. The entire system is well secured, especially the heat sink. It resides in its own separate box within a box, and it is ultimately wrapped in clear plastic. There are two identical smaller boxes; one contains the fan and the other contains all the hardware and instructions.



The box contents include hardware to mount the Lucifer to all the current sockets from Intel and AMD, including LGA 2011. At the lower left are the fan mounts — two for the included fan and two for an extra fan and the thermal paste. Above that are the mounting brackets for AMD. To the upper right are the adapters for LGA 2011, and the square insulator pad for LGA775. Down below to the lower left are all the hardware and mounts for Intel LGA1150, 1155, 1156 and 1366.

The instruction set unfolds like a map and is printed on both sides and includes easy-to-follow graphics for Intel and AMD installations.


  1. Gamer Storm Lucifer: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Gamer Storm Lucifer Closer Look: Continued
  3. Gamer Storm Lucifer: Specifications & Features
  4. Gamer Storm Lucifer Testing: Setup & Results
  5. Gamer Storm Lucifer Conclusion
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