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Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade Review



Crusade changes Galactic Civilizations III a lot and I do not doubt that some of the changes some players will hate and others will love. That is kind of the nature of producing any kind of media. Personally, I like the changes that have been made, but I think I will also say I kind of wish certain elements could be toggled on and off. That is not an easy request to satisfy, to say the least, as some systems are connected in ways that changing one requires changing them all. (The change to adding modules to star bases is one easy example, as returning to the original system would need to disrupt the economy for constructors and the resources that are now needed to build the modules.) I doubt we will ever see that happen, but what Crusade offers is good and I look forward to playing more matches in it, developing new habits, and conquering some galaxies. I think I can safely recommend it, but you do need to understand it changes the game a lot and more than I have described. I have only covered the points that stuck out the most to me.

Overall the changes I would consider improvements, or that the changes are necessitated by these improvements. The espionage system specifically I am very happy to see to the point that I always look forward to that first spy. I might not be able to consume the galaxy in my influence like I could before, but now I have to think about and try other strategies, which is not a bad thing and is arguably a good thing. I will get to paint the galaxy my color eventually, it will just take some more time, and that is fine with me.




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