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Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade Review

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For this review, we are back with Galactic Civilizations III, but this time for the Crusade expansion, which adds a lot and changes a lot of the base game. In some cases this is to bring in long-requested features and in others to address the grind that can come at different phases of 4X games. An example of the former is the interactive planetary invasions, and Galactic Citizens are meant to address the latter, but there are many more changes than that. Stardock identifies Crusade as a "top-to-bottom update of the entire game" and I am quite inclined to agree with them.

As you may be able to guess, there is a fair amount to cover and I hope my best will be good enough. We do still have a turn-based, science fiction 4X game, but a fair amount of the formula has been changed from what we can find in the original game.

Like the GalCiv3 review, there are not going to be that many screenshots because I will end up focusing on the gameplay enough to forget to hit the F12 key on occasion.

Time to get to the reviewing already.




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