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Galaxy GT 520 MDT Review



The Galaxy GT 520 MDT was released in April of 2011 as the lowest-cost DX11 GPU in the Fermi-based product stack from NVIDIA. As such, it comes with all of the characteristics and capabilities of the Fermi family of GPUs. This includes support for Stereoscopic 3D, low overhead video playback and GPU acceleration of a slew of applications. Gaming performance is decidedly low-end and is more for the casual game, although high FPS DX11 games can be played at low settings at up to 1280x1024. Most games will need to be played at even lower resolutions. Overclocking does improve gaming performance, however, as I was able to push the clock speeds on this card to 1000MHz on the core and up to a mere 618MHz on the GDDR3 memory. Both are 20% or better improvements and did offer measurable gains in performance. The real benefit of this card from Galaxy is the ability to use up to four 1080p DVI monitors. This feat was not possible with run-of-the-mill Fermi based video cards since they are limited to two monitors from one card. Using Galaxy's MDT EZY software allows the end user to configure the displays in either split mode where each display has a desktop interface or merged mode where the display is spanned across multiple screens. The software is used in combination with the resolution settings in the operating system to get the optimal resolution for each display. The software is easy to use with little resource overhead. A gaming card it is not, but as a unique addition to the GT 520 line up, the GT 520 MDT from Galaxy offers a low-cost way to create a lot of desktop real estate. Currently you can find the card for sale at Bestbuy for $116.99



  • Support for four 1080p DVI monitors
  • MDT EZY Software
  • Ease of use
  • Overclocking
  • 3D Support
  • Blu-ray support



  • Gaming
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  6. Conclusion
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