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Lapworks Futura Laptop Desk & Desktop Stand Review


Closer Look:

Now that we have seen the stand in the open position let's take a look at it in the desktop position. This is the position for you to have the laptop at eye level. This allows the most amount of air flow to keep your laptop cool instead of flat on a desk and also helps the user by correcting their posture while not slouching.


Here are the forward looking and side view of the stand in the desk position.


The stand is adjustable from three to six inches with five increments so you can position the laptop at the right level for the user. This also allows you to adjust it to increase airflow if needed.The picture on the left is at maximum height and the one on the right one is at the lowest.


Now that we have had a look at the stand and the positions that it can be used in let's move on to setting it up for use.



Even though it seems that there is nothing to setting up the cooler, the instructions that come with the stand are text only. To get a better understanding of how it works let's take a look at how to set it in the different positions with a computer so you can see how exactly how it goes. First we are going to look at the lap position. For this position just open the stand and extend it all the way so that it is flat out like in the first picture below and place it in your lap. Then place your laptop centered on the cooler where it feels the most comfortable to you and open it up for use.


Now to put the stand in the desktop position we just take the open position and flip it over. Fold the stand into the clamshell position and extend the support arm. With the support arm extended, finish folding the stand and guide the support arm in the to groove that gives you the desired height.


Again place the laptop in the center and open it up. This will give you the air flow you need and the adjustment to keep you in the correct posture to save on physical strain. For added comfort LapWorks recommends using an external mouse and keyboard.

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