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Lapworks Futura Laptop Desk & Desktop Stand Review

Price: $29.95


Most people that have used laptops will tell you that one of the biggest drawbacks is the scorching heat that they produce. You're sitting there on a breezy day just surfing the web in a lawn chair, and while it might be comfortable outside your legs are hot enough to cook eggs. Or on the flip side, you are working at your desk with your laptop and have that uncomfortable slouch going on trying to type away on that compact computer. Wouldn't we all like to make our mobile computing experience more comfortable and less painful? Of course we would, and that is where the Futura from LapWorks comes in.

"LapWorks is a design and manufacturing company located in Rancho Cucamonga, California that specializes in products that make working with your notebook computer safer, easier, and more productive." They aim to provide valuable services and resources to help consumers better understand the correct posture when using laptop computers, and to avoid related injuries by instructing on the proper use of these components.


Closer Look:

The item came to me packed nice and tightly in a FedEx box, complete with bubble wrap. It is nice to see them take care in packaging their products, because to me that shows they care about their customers and are willing to take that extra step.


After we slide the stand out of the packaging we can get a better look at the contents. Included is the stand itself and a cardboard cover which has the instructions to the stand on the back. The instructions show how to set up the stand in the different positions and other posture correcting details for the user.


Now without further ado let's take a look at the stand itself. The stand is made from a tough ABS plastic material with rubber mounts spread along the surface to keep the laptop stable and prevent it from sliding off. You can also see the channels that are cut into the material to help keep air flowing instead of getting trapped while the laptop is on the stand. Here are the closed and top views of the cooler.


Here is the unit's underside and a close up of the support arm rest.

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  4. Conclusion
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