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Antec Fusion Black 430 Media Center Case & A/V Cooler Review


Closer Look:

A/V Cooler:

The A/V Cooler box was a little bit scratched up, but it wasn’t too bad. The visual on the front of the box really gives you a good idea for what the product does. As you can see, it is ideal for placing it on top of your receiver or the Antec Fusion Black 430 media case and then set something rather light, such as a DVD player, TiVo, or an Xbox 360. The back of the box gives you a better idea for what the product does by displaying a visual of a receiver giving off tons of heat and the A/V Cooler consuming the heat and dispersing it throughout the back of the cooler.



When you open the box, you’ll find that the product is securely held in place by Styrofoam. The paper that was lying on top of the product caught my eye. It is a diagram of how to use the product which I think is much better than having to read a huge manual because this way, everything is broken down in a way that everyone can understand. At the bottom of the box you’ll find the only accessory included, the power cable.



The A/V Cooler has a reflective top which is aluminum. The back of the cooler is where you’ll find the fans that consume the air to transport it out of the backside of the cooler.  You’ll notice the feet on the bottom of the cooler aren’t rock-solid rubber - they have soft material on the ends of them to prevent any scratches to the product below the cooler.



The back of the cooler has the port that the power cable plugs in to. On the front of the product you’ll find a switch that controls the speed of the fans. The choices you have are low, off, and high. 


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case & Working Components)
  3. Closer Look (Working Components Cont.)
  4. Closer Look (Power Supply)
  5. Closer Look (A/V Cooler)
  6. Installation
  7. Installation (A/V Cooler)
  8. Configuration
  9. Specifications & Features
  10. Testing
  11. Testing (Motherboard, CPU & Case Temperatures)
  12. Conclusion
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