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Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Testing

The KB-460 was tested thoroughly in a few different situations. These situations were daily use, web surfing, work-related, and gaming. After a few days I had a good feel for what I liked and disliked (after the first day really, but I kept testing just to be sure). In the end I can only describe how the keyboard performed for me personally and try my best to explain why, so that you can determine if you would disagree and get the keyboard for your own reasons. I can't really do any more than this because keyboards are a very "to taste" product. From the switches that sit beneath each key to the number of extra macro keys, keyboards come in almost every color, size, and shape (within reason). To add even more variety, all of them have different little extras that make them appeal to wide ranges of people. Therefore, to the best of my ability, I will describe the KB-460 and the reasons I personally like it as well as the reasons I don't.

Testing Setup

Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Testing

Everyday use

Using the KB-460 daily has been a challenge and still is. The only reason is because the keys have spacing that is too foreign for me to conform to after hours of use on my other keyboards. This causes me much frustration as I consistently touch the wrong key. Even when I don't hit the wrong key entirely I still end up typing the wrong thing because of the sensitivity granted by the Cherry Red MX switches. This is a problem when I open up my browser and swiftly type something into the address bar and find out that I added a letter or two. However, these are most certainly personal problems as there are many who prefer the Red switches and probably this particular key spacing.

I still am not used to the spacing for mashing stuff into the search bar, but in due time I think I could get used to the key spacing, thus alleviating the only real problems that I have when using it regularly. Other things that are a little less than fantastic about the keyboard are the lack of individual keys for media. It is a small inconvenience, but I am noting it nonetheless. The USB ports on the top of the keyboard are really nice for regular use. They are extremely convenient for me especially, because my case only has two working USB ports on the front and it sits on the ground, making it hard to get to the other USB ports.


Doing work-related things, like, photo editing, making Powerpoints, and using Excel or Word, are just fine on the keyboard. It has a very regular setup, which makes it easy to go from the KB-460 to another keyboard. I actually have to do this on a regular basis and it is something that makes the KB-460 just that much better. Again referring back to the standard keyboard layout, using Office programs takes no transition, same with photo editing. Additionally both can be made a little easier by using the presets in the Func software for copy/past/save/undo mapping (I used the number keys that sit above the letter keys for this).


Now to the main event. This keyboard was developed for gaming. It may perform poor or excellent in other categories, but, is that even important? To many (including myself) the answer is yes. However it does not change the true nature of the KB-460. It was meant for gaming, and does it do what is was designed to do well? The short answer is absolutely. I may dislike the Cherry MX Red switches for typing, but for gaming they are much better. They respond very quickly and the lightness of the keys makes gaming easier overall. Mapping the keys is a little drawn out, because there are no immediately available keys and most games come with some semblance of sensible key mapping in the first place. When I mapped a macro to an easier key it wasn't extraordinarily helpful from the get go - just getting used to what key was mapped was a little bit weird. The mapping function was most helpful in areas where multiple keystrokes would be required per key. After I wrapped my head around the concept of changing standard keys, macro mapping became much easier. At the end of the day this is a good gaming keyboard with decent software to assist you in the long run.

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