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Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


Func KB-460 The Software:

The software, like the rest of the package, is simple and minimalistic. There is nothing unclear or hidden, and there is only one page for making profiles. I will start off by mentioning the only thing I didn't like about the software and that is the size of the interface. It is long, covering over half of my 27" diagonal monitor. Other than that there are no other problems. The software is clear enough to understand in about a minute if you have never seen a keyboard program before, and you just click on things to figure out what they do. If you have seen software like this before it could take seconds. There are two sections to the window. The left one has ten selectable macros that you can assign to any key on the keyboard. This macro can either do any combination of twenty-seven key presses; cut/paste/undo, etc.; or launch a program. On the right half, after you select a macro, you select a key to replace on the virtual keyboard (then you set what you want that macro to do).

Above the virtual keyboard is the profile selector, backup, and a link to Func.net. The F7-F11 keys select the profiles desired after the profile has been saved and the F12 key activates the Profile mode. This is literally all there is to this software. It is very, very easy to use and is definitely a positive aspect to the overall functionality of the keyboard. I personally think that this software is perfect for someone who has never used a keyboard with re-mapping capabilities. It is very clear and there are no extra tabs to get distracted in. Also the install was painless. All I had to do was download the software from the Func site and double click the executable. I have had no issues with the functionality of the software, and there doesn't appear to be any inconsistencies with the mapping and the keyboard response.












  1. Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Introduction
  2. Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Closer Look Continued
  3. Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: The Software
  4. Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Specifications & Features
  5. Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Testing & Results
  6. Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Conclusion
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