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ID-Cooling FrostFlow 240L Review

Price: $99.99

ID-Cooling FrostFlow 240L Introduction:

ID-Cooling is sort of the new kid on the block, having been around only since 2013. The parent company has been around much longer, supplying coolers to some of the world's top information companies. But make no mistake, ID-Cooling brings some impressive components to the table. Today we have a liquid AIO (All-in-One) cooler to review, but ID-Cooling also has air coolers, VGA (GPU) coolers, a variety of fans, some interesting tube-frame cases, and a power supply in its range of products. As liquid cooled GPUs become more popular, ID-Cooling also offers some rather interesting and attractive liquid GPU coolers. Look for ID-Cooling to continue its product expansion.

Liquid All-in-One (AIO) coolers are fairly common now, as many manufacturers have a variety of sizes and capacities. While they are certainly more complicated than an air cooler, they offer a level of cooling that most air coolers cannot acheive. And then there is that "cool" factor of seeing a huge radiator and fan assembly mounted in a case. A few years ago the only liquid cooling available was in the form of custom built systems that were rather complicated and expensive. Of course, you can still build a custom system, but the convenience and affordability of today's AIO systems are hard to beat.

ID-Cooling Frostflow 240L Closer Look:

The FrostFlow 240L comes in a few different variations - red, blue, and white. What this means is that the trim rings on the fans are available in each of those colors. The box sort of gives it away, but our test unit is the red model. There is also a neat feature where there is a chasing "Comet Tail" LED on the pump face, and it, too, comes in one of the three different colors. The fans are 120mm PWM (pulse-width modulation) and this unit comes with two fans. When you open the box, you see how the cooler and fans are well-protected. All of the components are neatly stored in plastic bags.



The fans included with the cooler are not LED fans, but that red trim ring really stands out. ID-Cooling sent me two extra red LED fans to test the unit with in a push / pull fan configuration. You can see the LED fans in the video below. With the cooler out of the box, you can see the clear segmented windows on the pump face. These windows are the LEDs that make up the "Comet Tail." And since this is the red unit, the LEDs are red. The Comet Tail is essentially a chasing effect that adds some motion to the pump face. The rubber supply and return lines between the pump and radiator are flexible for an easy installation.



You get the gist of the cooling solution from my pictures above, but for the full monty you can take a look at the OCC video review of the ID-Cooling FrostFlow 240L All-in-One cooling solution. GYSOT!

  1. ID-Cooling FrostFlow 240L: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. ID-Cooling FrostFlow 240L: Specifications, Features & Testing
  3. ID-Cooling FrostFlow 240L: Conclusion
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