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Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Review

Price: $25 USD


    Well now that you've just got that nice new processor, you probably want to do one of two things. You're either going to try and silence that loud stock cooler, or you're going to overclock. Regardless of which you choose in the end, they both hopefully lead to better cooling. Arctic Cooling has answered our call for performance cooling with the release of the Freezer 7 Pro. They have provided us with a Freezer 7 Pro to try and cool my toasty Q6600ES. When someone goes shopping for after-market cooling, they're doing so for two reasons; They simply want better cooling, or they want something quieter. The Freezer 7 Pro is a claimed merger of the two, with large cooling capacity, and a fan rated for lower DB, this cooler sure looks great on paper.

Arctic Cooling is a major manufacturer based out of Germany. With their comprehensive line of after-market VGA coolers, as well as CPU coolers, they have a very broad product lineup. Founded back in Switzerland in 2001, Arctic cooling has been providing Europe with performance cooling for 6 years now. Recently opening up their North American division and expanding to provide the entire world with their performance cooling products.

Closer Look:

    When I got this cooler I was a little surprised, as the box that it comes in is very small and I am used to larger boxes. The box itself is pretty much standard for a retail item, a picture of the unit, some fancy artwork, and features / specs of the unit.

After opening up the box and taking out the unit, I found that it was of a relatively conventional design. Conventional being three heatpipes that go out and up from the base and then through the fins. The fan is completely isolated from the rest of the body with rubber grommets so that It transmits no vibration through the unit and down into your CPU/Motherboard. The fan housing is removable and it simply clips onto either side of the heat sink assembly.

The bottom surface of the heatsink is a little rough for my liking, but that's what you can expect from a manufacturer. The fan power connector also comes pre-sleeved, which is a nice addition as it will help to keep your case all neat and tidy. The only thing that concerned me about the layout of this unit was the fan mounted to the side of the heatsink. This might give some clearance issues on some motherboards, but you would have to check your motherboard layout.

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