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Frame Capture and Analysis Tools Review



So what does all this mean for OCC and the editors in general when it comes to video card performance evaluations? It means that we have a new way of capturing and aggregating the data for our performance metrics outside the confines of using traditional software tools like FRAPS. Not that there is anything wrong with it but as technology progresses there will always be a better mouse trap. Currently this one called FCAT is quite a bit more complex and time consuming to use but delivers data that paints a picture inherently more accurate than what we can get from FRAPS.

Is FCAT the be all end all solution for our benchmarking results going forward? Who knows at this point, but it is a great start that will allow editors to dig deeper than ever into how each frame is delivered. As time goes by and the process can become more automated we may see wider adoption by video card editors. By using software tools that are readily accessible and that can be modified or compiled from scratch, even more data can be extracted as the open source market readily proves over and again.

With only a week or so worth of play time under my belt it's tough to dig as deep as possible into the results without more time. Getting more familiar with the scripts and tools will in the end provide all the data we need to use FCAT tools more effectively. Frame times, runt and dropped frames, as well GPU configuration all have an impact on performance that can be measured with NVIDIA's FCAT tools.

This article was meant to be a high level look at the tools and results. A more in depth look at the technology and software can be found over at PcPer as they have been part of the beta and alpha test phase of these testing tools for over a year now and realy dig deep into the technology used. As a new way of looking at video card performance (specifically multi GPU solutions) the FCAT tools provide real tangible results as long as you take the time to dig through the data.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look: Frame Capture & Analysis Tools
  2. Frame Capture & Analysis Tools: Closer Look
  3. Frame Capture & Analysis Tools: Closer Look: Preliminary Results
  4. Frame Capture & Analysis Tools: Conclusion
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