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FEZ Review



FEZ is a curious game to review as it has already been out for a year on consoles, which means reviews of it have also been out for a year. Though I have not read these, it is hard not to see the scores on the Steam store page, which give it the highest possible rating, or close to it, from multiple places. My practice is not to give games ratings because, truly, no gameplay experience can be quantified, so any metric is going to be relative and arbitrary. However, I will say that I disagree with the perfect scores FEZ has already received. It is still a good game, and I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy playing it very much, but it is not perfect. I can and do recommend buying it if you are interested in platformer, puzzle games, but it does not represent some greatly innovative and impressive experience that is deserving of a perfect recommendation.

When playing the game just to finish it, you will have a good time trying to find everything and going everywhere like you would in any well-designed game world. Getting lost does not matter because you can just keep going through doors, ending up where ever you may, with more items to collect. Once you start trying to complete it and find every single collectible, the experience becomes more irritating and tedious with confusing puzzles and a poorly designed map for getting from one area to another.

The basic gameplay is quite good but left me unimpressed, though perhaps that is a good thing, because the world-spinning mechanic was so well implemented that it never stood out to me. The advanced gameplay that follows does not appear to be designed for the average gamer, but even if you can only solve a few anti-cube puzzles without help, you will enjoy doing so.





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