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FEZ Review



As far as game stories go, this one is somewhat basic. After you receive your power, you end up accidentally breaking a cube, which means the world is going to fall in on itself if you do not recover and reassemble the pieces. As you explore the world, you will also find ancient markings and other secrets.

That is roughly how deep the story is. Basically it is a 'Save the Princess' story that seems to exist just to give the gamer motivation. After the cube fractures you could easily play the game with only minimal encounters with the story. Since I thoroughly enjoy stories, I found this one a little disappointing; however, it is more because of the apparent number of plot holes the story has.

Before starting on your adventure to rebuild the cube, you are given a companion called Dot, which is actually a four-dimensional hypercube. Dot's existence is never really explained; it just comes to you to help you out. Later on in the game though, an NPC told me to not believe the hypercube. Considering Dot never told me anything of any significance to not believe, beyond that the cube has to be repaired, I do not understand why this NPC had that text. Perhaps the reason is not revealed until absolute completion of the game.










In a way though, that NPC exemplifies how the story felt to me; a missed or poorly executed opportunity. The game world has much to offer with your new access to it, but I never felt that it was used to its fullest potential. Although, there are those markings throughout the world from an ancient people that are also in their ancient language. If you want to read the messages, you will need to find the game's Rosetta Stone, recognize it is the Rosetta Stone, and then decipher it in order to decipher any other markings. As I have not memorized the language, I have not read these messages and thus do not know if they really do add to the story or not, but they are there.

Like I said, it is a 'Save the Princess' story. If you do not mind there being apparently little depth to the narrative, and are more interested in the gameplay, this is not an issue for you. However you should still pay attention to the story because the humor in it can be entertaining, such as the game 'crashing' and restarting, complete with a POST screen.

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