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FEZ Review

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One of the rules we were taught in my topology class was that if you come across a barrier in a space, like a line drawn through a plane, you can get past it by adding a dimension, like jumping over the line. This rule is not lost on game developers as they will often put an impassible barrier in a game that requires some kind of 'jump,' such as stacking crates or otherwise ascending to the challenge. Some titles, including FEZ, actually revolve around the mechanic used to bypass these barriers.

First released last year for consoles, the long-awaited indie platformer, puzzle game allowed players to experience the life of Gomez. Gomez, and everyone else in his village live in what many of them believe is just a two dimensional world. One of them knows better though and decides to share the knowledge of the third dimension with Gomez and gives him a 3D fez, which allows him to change from one 2D perspective to another, allowing him to explore the world he never knew existed.

To mark its first birthday, the developers decided to revisit the well-received game and release a PC version, which is available both on Steam and Good Old Games. Having been interested in the game for some time, I decided to get a PC copy and, since I have it, why not review it? (That's a rhetorical question.)

Does FEZ add a new dimension to PC gaming or does it fall flat? Read on to find out.






  1. Introduction
  2. Graphics & Sound
  3. Story
  4. Gameplay
  5. Additional Game Images:
  6. Conclusion
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