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Far Cry Primal Review



The world was quite a different place 12,000 years ago, when man still had to fight for survival every day, as stronger and faster animals still ruled much of the land and other tribes did what was necessary for their own advancement. In Far Cry Primal you lead the Wenja, a nomadic tribe that came to Oros some time ago, but has been severely weakened by the Udam and Izila tribes. The Udam are large, offensive cannibals that see the Wenja as weak, 'softbloods,' so they prey on them for food and want the land they occupy. The Izila are a more advanced tribe that look down on the Wenja, but in recognition of their strength, do not kill them. Instead they enslave them to build standing stones to mark their dominance and devotion to Batari, the Sun-daughter and their matriarch.

Rather early on you encounter Sayla and Tensay, both Wenja who want to see the Udam and Izila, respectively, destroyed. Sayla is haunted by the screams of the Wenja the Udam, and particularly their leader Ull, have killed. The only way to quiet them is to cut off Udam ears, which she decorates her hut with and wears on a necklace. Tensay is the Wenja shaman and also wants to see the Udam destroyed, but has a particular hatred for the Izila and Batari because he was once their slave. Naturally you will be the means to their vengeance.



It is not a particularly strong story, but it definitely works and fits within the limitations of open-world games. You cannot have too strict a story or else stifle exploration in games of this genre. The narrative and immersion for the story is exceptional, thanks to the decision to use a proto-indo-european language that is likely similar to what was actually spoken at the time. It does necessitate you read subtitles, but if you listen you can still catch words you may be somewhat familiar with. I do wish I encountered it more while just running about, like groups of Wenja hunters yelling something at me as I pass them.

Besides the story you experience while exploring Oros, you will also have visions thanks to drinks Tensay prepares for you. The visions inform you of what to do next and are also what lead you to become the Beast Master. One thing I found a little disappointing about one of the visions in particular is that it lets you use a really cool bow. Each arrow you fire also calls down a meteor and after five kills, you get to fire three arrows at once. While I understand why it would be limited to a vision, there is that part of me that wishes I could have that while going around Oros, riding the back of a sabertooth tiger. It is already pretty ridiculous to be doing that, so why not have an awesome bow at the same time?


If there is one fault I must mention about the story, it is that I never felt that strong a need to fight the Izila. The Udam are a clear threat from their presence in the part of Oros you immediately occupy, but also because they attack your settlement. All the Izila do is act really arrogant and enslave the Wenja they happen to capture. It is not like they invade your area of Oros. Actually you invade theirs when trying to rescue Wenja slaves. It just would have been helpful to have a bit more substance flavoring this specific conflict. Something like the Wenja started capturing the Izila and forced them to do work, drawing the tribe out of its area to confront you. (Actually you do capture one Izila, but this is after the war between the tribes starts.) As it is, it is almost like someone pointed a finger at the Izila, said they are mean, so you decide to fight them.

Not a bad story, but it could be a bit stronger in some places, as just described. The decision to use a language likely similar to one spoken 12,000 years ago does a lot to enhance the experience and I applaud the developers for going this route, and the voice actors for the work they did.


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