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Far Cry Primal Review

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Whether it is books, films, or video games, many forms of media are able to take us to worlds significantly different from our own. In some cases this means visiting outer space in fictitious ships or realms filled with fantastical creatures and powers. In this case, we are going back about 12,000 years for Far Cry Primal. Like the other Far Cry games, this is an open-world, action adventure game played in the first person, but instead of wielding guns and grenades, the player is armed with bows, spears, and clubs. Also, instead of vehicles to drive around in, you encounter various beasts that you can tame to fight with you, and even ride in some cases. You will need them too, if you want to survive this time and grow your tribe to rule the land of Oros.

You play as Takkar, a Wenjar hunter that was part of a group seeking out the land of Oros and the Wenjar that traveled there before you. Before arriving, everyone else in your party is killed, leaving you alone to find your brothers and sisters, bringing them together to ensure survival. Besides the animals that threaten the Wenja, there are also the Udam and Izila tribes that seek to dominate Oros as well, by killing or enslaving you and your people.

I doubt it comes as a surprise to anyone that Far Cry Primal has an M rating from the ESRB for blood and gore, intense violence, nudity and sexual content. I only encountered the sexual content once and it seemed like it might be a random occurrence in the world while the nudity is far more common. Female NPCs can have uncovered or painted breasts, including the matriarch of the Izila tribe. Personally I did not find this to be inappropriate, but see it more as a recognition that the cultures back then may not have required women to cover their breasts as some do today.

Before moving on I want to mention that some of the videos I recorded may show some screen tearing. I never experienced any screen tearing while playing and am not sure why the videos have it. The framerate did fluctuate, so it may be the result of that.

Is it worth visiting the land of Oros and becoming the Wenja Beast Master, or should we stick closer to our own historic era? Time to find out.




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