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Far Cry 4 Review



You are Ajay Ghale, a loving son returning to the land you were born in, but never knew, to fulfill your mother's last wish. The country of Kyrat is embroiled in civil war, but the king, Pagan Min, is interested in you and has arranged for his soldiers to stop the bus you are on. When the situation gets out of control, the soldiers start shooting the bus. Pagan is very particular with his words, though, and 'shoot' is not 'stop,' which he reminds the soldier of with a sharp instrument to the chest, multiple times. Now covered in blood, Pagan apologizes for what just happened and takes a selfie with you, before bagging your head to transport you to dinner.

That is one way to start a game and introduce you to the antagonist, and personally I enjoyed it. It was well written and definitely set up Pagan's character well, as a murderous yet somewhat honest person. He definitely seemed to be the only character in the game that actually understood everything that was happening, while others seemed more interested in making things happen.

As you play you become deeply involved with the Golden Path rebellion and the choices offered to you are concerned with the direction of this movement. Its leaders, Amita and Sabal, have very different visions for the country and on several occasions you have to choose between them. Amita wants to push the nation into the future and continue the illegal-drug production for funds, while Sabal wants to return the country to the traditions that gave it its honor. Your decisions will affect the character of the missions offered to you at the choice, but also some follow-up missions. At times you may wish for a third option because these two can be so stubborn and dogmatic that neither really offer a good choice.


You will also encounter Longinus, a former warlord turned priest and gun merchant; Yogi and Reggie, who are in Kyrat to sample the local horticultural; and Rabi Ray Rana, the voice of Radio Free Kyrat. As you can guess from his vocation, Longinus is a fairly interesting character as he provides you and the Golden Path with weapons while quoting scripture. Yogi and Reggie are interesting more because of the trips they send you on, including one that does put you in an arena, naked, fighting wild animals. Rabi Ray starts interesting, but before long I found myself wanting to escape him.

Being the voice on the Radio Free Kyrat, every time you are in an area that you have taken the bell tower for (this is how you reveal parts of the map) you will hear Rabi Ray talking on car radios. That is a lot of time you will hear him talking and there are not that many recordings of what he says. On its own that is not so bad, except that the radio always starts at the beginning of a recording and many are long enough that I only rarely heard the ending of some of them. Eventually I just started turning off the radio every time I entered a vehicle.


Aside from the radio, there really are no other issues with the story I can think of. Well, save the common issue with many open-world games of the story not being well connected all of the time. How a dutiful son came to be a hero-of-the-rebellion is not well explained, and even Pagan mentions that at the end. This is a sacrifice made in many open-world games.

Personally, I found this to be a good story as it does provide explanation for most things and did keep me amused throughout.

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