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Far Cry 4 Review

Price: $59.99


Have you ever wanted to hunt lethal animals with little more than a bow and knife? Have you ever wanted to ride an elephant? Have you ever wanted to unseat the dictatorial, psychotic, insane king after he shares Crab Rangoon with you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Far Cry 4 is a game you should pay some attention to.

Far Cry 4 starts with you, Ajay Ghale, returning to Kyrat, the country you were born in, to fulfill your mother's final wish, and get pulled into its civil war that your father started years ago. Being an open-world FPS you are free to explore the country and uncover its many, many secrets. Between the army patrols and wild animals though, you will need some protection and what better than a host of guns that one person could never carry alone? With them you can help the rebellion retake the land for the people and push the fight right to the king's palace. Or you could enjoy your dinner, like a polite guest should.

The ESRB has given Far Cry 4 a Mature rating for blood, intense violence, nudity, sexual themes, strong language, and use of drugs. As none of the media in this review has been censored, if this content is inappropriate for you, chances are this review is as well.

Is Kyrat a country worth visiting, or should you not try the Crab Rangoon? Read on to find out.







  1. Far Cry 4 Review - Introduction
  2. Far Cry 4 Review - Graphics
  3. Far Cry 4 Review - Story
  4. Far Cry 4 Review - Gameplay
  5. Far Cry 4 Review - Additional Media
  6. Far Cry 4 Review - Conclusion
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