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Cliff Anderson Fanbus

Price: $15


How many fan's do you have in your system? If your an overclocker like myself, chances are you have tons of fans with tons of power cables and Y-splitters. Today I'm going to show you a fanbus from Fanbus.com that was designed by Cliff Anderson. What is a fanbus? A fanbus is a central control point for all of your fans to connect into for power.


The fanbus comes with some super strong double-stick tape to mount the fanbus on the inside, side of your case. Now if you haven't already or if your fan's came without a molex connector, you will need to cut them off. Once you have cut them off, strip about a half inch of the plastic wire casing off. Now mount the fanbus inside of your case. I mounted my ontop of my power supply, you can mount your's anywhere you want just make sure your fans will reach it easily. Lastly plug your fan up to your brand new fanbus, watch where you plug them into. There is a red(positive) and a black(negative) so make sure you plug them into the right places. Now just plug your fanbus into a molex connector from your power supply and your all done!


This fanbus is a great addon accessory for those of you with lots of fans and who want's to organize their wires. Team this fanbus up with one of Cliff Anderson's baybuses would be a great addon. Then you�ve got finger-tip control of your system's cooling.
  • Easy installation
  • Good quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Install 8 fans or more on it
  • Free up power supply connectors

  • Cut off molex conn

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