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Fallout: New Vegas 5-Years Later Review



Is it worth visiting post-apocalyptic Vegas and the surrounding areas, or is it best left alone? In my opinion, it is a crap shoot. Seriously, I do not really have an opinion one way or the other here. New Vegas definitely has some flaws that are hard to ignore or forgive, but it also offers some fun and enjoyment that cannot be overlooked. I only feel comfortable failing to recommend it and letting you decide for yourself.

The graphics are dated and there are a number of issues that really should have been fixed before release and patched away long before now. The story is large, but I found the direction lacking, making it too easy to miss parts of it. The gameplay has balance issues that so hurt the experience that I turned to god mode as a means to reliably progress. It is probably possible to survive without god mode (Editor's Note: It really isn't that hard of a game), but I have no interest in enduring the punishment that would involve for me. Other players may have a better time with it.

As far as the DLC goes, it is only Old World Blues I truly recommend playing. It stands out as being fun, well-designed, and entertaining. The others are also fun and enjoyable, but are not to the level of entertainment like this one is. Still, the other DLC can be worth playing for some of the gear and the experience.






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