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F1 2017 Review

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Back again with a review of a Codemasters game, but this is a fairly different beast than DiRT 4. This time I am taking a look at F1 2017, the official video game for the 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship. Before going too far, I feel I should admit that the last F1 style racing game I can remember playing was Pole Position on the Atari 2600. I mention this because when you look at any of the videos in this review, do not expect a display of much skill.

Clearly, based on that last sentence, you know I was able to capture videos this time, and even frame time data. I have not been that lucky with other recently reviewed games, so I am pretty happy to see that turn around for me here. I was also pretty happy to see two other things with F1 2017: Tobii eye and head tracking support; and recommend Steam Controller profiles. Both of these points will be relevant because they impacted how I experienced the game. Since I mentioned the videos, I should also mention F1 2017 has an E rating from the ESRB, so all of the included gameplay media should be safe for everyone.

F1 2017 is more than just a racing game, but a simulation-level experience, which is something I will undoubtedly bring up again in the Gameplay section because I am a bit out of my depth here. I am not a simulation gamer, but from having played this I have developed a new respect for those that are, and for simulation games. Something else to note is I am playing this ahead of release, so it is possible the zero-day patch has not been applied to this build.

Time to get to the reviewing!



  1. F1 2017 Review - Introduction
  2. F1 2017 Review - Graphics
  3. F1 2017 Review - Gameplay
  4. F1 2017 Review - Additional Gameplay Media
  5. F1 2017 Review - Conclusion
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