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EWin Flash Series Computer Gaming Chair Review

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EWin Flash Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair: Introduction

Things in the computer world are constantly changing, especially when you talk about gaming. There is something new coming out practically every week and pretty much every company in the business has a gaming line so it can be hard to keep up. Everything from monitors, keyboards, mice, motherboards, to cases - you name it and there is a gaming-themed version out there. That is a good thing, right? You have to have something to sit on while you are using all of your cool gaming hardware, and that brings me to EWin, which has a line of PC gaming chairs. That little office chair you got from the box store eight years ago just isn't cutting it anymore. It creaks and pops. The cushions are worn and flat. But wait - EWin has a solution! The Flash XL Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair.



EWin Flash Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair: Closer Look

Not long ago I reviewed the EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair. Check it out - it is a great chair and it has held up well. I use it daily and I am surprised at how the cushions have not mushed down or lost their shape.  The Flash has even thicker foam, so I can't wait to plant my rear in the seat! There are currently five lines of gaming chair styles in the EWin product line up and they are all available in different trim and accent colors. The different series include the Knight, Champion, Calling, Hero, and Flash.

Today we have the Flash Series and this particular chair comes in the XL flavor (extra large) and it has the red theme. Other color options for the Flash include blue and grey. The chair comes disassembled in a plain cardboard box. The "plain" ends rather abruptly as you get the box open and start going through the various components. The first thing you see when you open the box is the heavy Five-Star base, which is well-protected with individual bubble wrap pouches.


As soon as you lift the base out of the box you realize that it is all metal - no plastic. The website says it is aluminum, but I was able to get a magnet to stick to it, and aluminum is not magnetic. Not that this is a bad thing - the base is plenty solid and robust, I am just pointing it out. Next is the seat back, which comes well-protected in plastic. Of course, I have all of the plastic removed for the pictures, but you will see it in the video review at the bottom of this page. There are two pillows attached to the seat back, but they are easily removable by disconnecting the elastic straps on the back. The surfaces are all smooth and soft.



Before assembly begins, it is a good idea to go through the hardware kit and, of course, the instructions. The instructions go over each step and clearly list the components and hardware. The pictures and text do a fine job of explaining each step. Take a few minutes to go over the instructions and you will likely save some time during the assembly.


The assembly process is rather straightforward and in about 10 minutes you can have a chair ready for some rather comfortable gaming action. I keep calling it a gaming chair, but it is technically called an Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair. Regardless of what you call it or how you use it, I am ready to log some serious seat time. Let's look at some of the details up close.



I removed the pillows so you can see the full seat back. The pillows are easy to remove. There is a lot going on there with all the stitching angles. The pillows have the same care and quality that goes into the chair. The EWin logo embroidery stands out. All of the stitching and seams are high quality and look fantastic, and the red color is intense.



The large 3-inch wheels are smooth and quiet when you roll around. On the right is the tilt adjustment. It is spring-loaded and you can adjust the tilt resistance by twisting the knob. The lift lever can be set to Lock or Free, which enables or disables the tilt function.



The recline lever is on the right side, along with the lift adjust lever, and the EWin logo is boldly molded into the side panel.



The reclining adjustment ranges between 85 and 155 degrees. I call the 155-degree position "full nap mode."  Besides the overall comfort, one thing that I noticed with this chair is how quiet it is. You can move around and shift your weight from side to side or forward and back and there is pretty much no sound. No rattles, no popping or creaking - nothing but quiet. Even when you roll around it is quiet. This is a huge plus for me. Keep in mind that this is the XL version of the Flash, and that means that it is slightly larger - mostly in the seating area, which is roughly two inches wider than the standard Flash. That equates to more comfort, especially if you are a larger person.


Now it is time for the video review. It is much easier to show the features and demonstrate the Flash XL chair functions in a video, so click below to learn more.

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  3. EWin Flash Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair: Conclusion
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