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Everglide Giganta V-3 Mouse Surface Review

Price: $5 USD

It's been quiet sometime since I have reviewed any type of mouse surface, the Icemat mouse surface being the last one I reviewed back in May of 2001! (FYI: That was only two months after we opened the site.) Believe it or not, I'm still using that exact same mouse surface. I have taken it to over fifty different lan party's and it has taken a beating from dropping it on the ground on many occasions. I have yet to find a mouse surface that I like better than the Icemat. Frankly, I haven't been searching for a better mouse surface because I simply love the Icemat. However, I was contact by Everglide and they asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their new mouse surface, the Giganta v3. I was very eager to jump on the offer because I have heard many great things of Everglide mouse surfaces.

Height: 9
Width: 11
Depth: 1/3

  • Composed of a new Polystyrene Tetra Polyethylene thermoplastic compound.
  •   1/3Inch thick for Maximum stability.
  • Has steeper vertical edge.
  • Has gradually inclined shoulder
  • Has solid back for firm footing.
  • Is finished with a FineCell texture.
        -> The FineCell texture is consistent across the pad.
        -> The FineCell texture has a denser grain.
        -> The FineCell texture has a lower coefficient of friction.
        -> The FineCell texture has a flatter finish.
        -> The FineCell is compatible with the optical mice.

  • In-depth Look
    Here's a quote from the spec sheet that was given to me by Everglide, as it tells you exact what the mouse surface is made of. All Everglide mouse surfaces are constructed of Polystyrene Tetra Polyethylene thermoplastic compound a material that contains a polymerized organic substance of large molecular weight. In plain English, they are pliant becoming soft when heated and hard when cooled. Therefore, you can lay the pad over your knee or any edged surface, and gently press down on the pad edges to reshape. The pad will retain the shape in which it was bent.

    There's a total of five rubber feet on the bottom of the Everglide Giganta mouse surface. From my perspective, I think Everglide should of maybe placed one in the middle of the mouse pad to prevent flex in the middle of the pad while you're gaming. Obviously they didn't think it would be necessary since the Giganta is so durable and hard, and maybe they're right.

    I couldn't think of any better way to test this mouse surface than to load up my favorite game, Half-Life. I am extremely picky when it comes to a mouse surface, mouse, and the sensitivity settings of the mouse. In Half-Life you must be very precise when shooting the Tau cannon or the Crossbow (like many other games), so you need a mouse surface that is very smooth and that provides skip free mouse movements.

    When I went online to play a game of Half-life AG Mod, I noticed that my mouse was almost completely silent! Mouse movements on my Icemat are slightly raspy, since the mouse surface is made of glass. With the Everglide mouse surface, I could hardly hear any movements. When I first felt the surface of the Giganta, I thought it wouldn't provide smooth mouse movements, but I was dead wrong. The surface of the Giganta is very smooth and flowing with mouse movements, but not smooth as the Icemat. I played Half-Life online for a few minutes and I noticed that my mouse would skip, almost like crud was clogged up in my mouse ball. I took the mouse ball out to clean it, and the rollers and I did find some gunk built up on the rollers. I then put the mouse back together and went at it again in Half-life. A few minutes later, I found the mouse skipping yet again. I knew for a fact that my table was level, and that couldn't be the problem. So, I cleaned the mouse again (which dirty to begin with) and I also washed off the Giganta mouse surface to ensure that it was clean. I tried playing Half-life yet again, and I was still having the same problems. When the problem occurred this time, I tossed the Giganta mouse surface to the side and got out my trusted Icemat mouse surface and all problems went away while still in the same game!

    The sensitivity on my mouse is very high, requiring me to only move the mouse about half an inch to go from the left side of the screen to the right side (at 1280x1024). With such high sensitivity settings maybe the gradient texture of the Giganta wasn't flat enough or smooth enough to keep in contact with the mouse ball. That's the best conclusion that I could come up with from what I was seeing. Obviously the mouse ball was not dirty, because the problems went away after switching to the Icemat. I know for a fact that the Giganta surface wasn't dirty because I had just cleaned it.

    Another problem I noticed with the Giganta mouse surface is the cutout at the bottom of the mouse surface where you should place your hand or wrist pad. I tried playing Half-Life with my wrist pad there, and it was very uncomfortable because the wrist pad wouldn't fit in the cutout. I had to flip the mouse surface 180' and play like that for it to be comfortable with my wrist pad. I think Everglide should have a wrist guard built-in for us gamers that use wrist pads and can't live without them. If you don't use a wrist pad, then the cutout works great.

    What about optical mouse users? This mouse surface is for you too! I would recommend this mouse surface to optical mice user's way before I would recommend it to users who use ball mice. Simply because the surface is extremely smooth and it provides a lot of room for movement. The mouse skipping problem shouldn't occur with optical mice for obvious reasons and the black surface makes for an optical mice paradise.

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    2. Conclusion
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