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Evercool CUD-725 heatsink review

Price: $38.95


Copper is much better at removing heat from a CPU than aluminum but tends to be a lot expensive. Aluminum heatsinks are slowly fading away, but I don't think they will really ever go away because aluminum is a lot cheaper than copper, therefore people on a budget would want to go with an aluminum heatsink. For an overclocker a copper heatsink has almost became a necessity for best success. Aluminum heatsinks has an advantage over a copper heatsink. Why? Because copper heatsinks retains heat a lot longer than aluminum does. That is why you should use a high powered fan on any copper heatsink, to trasnfer the heat faster. Today, I will be reviewing the CUD-725 heatsink, which is manufactured by, EverCool.com.tw. This is the first heatsink that we have reviewed from EverCool.com.tw, so let's jump in to the review and see how well this solid copper heatsink performs.


Heatsink Dimension: 80x80x25mm
Heatsink Material: Copper
Fan Dimension 70*70*25mm
Rated Voltage: 12VDC
Start Voltage:   7VDC
Rated Current: 0.27A
Power Consumption: 3.24W

Fan Speed: 3800 ± 10% R.P.M
Air Flow: 38.66CFM
Noise: <30dBA
Bearing Type: One Ball bearing
Life Time: 45,000 Hours
Connector: 3 Pin

The heatsink

The base of the heatsink has been lapped flat and polished to a mirror finish, something I would like to see all heatsink manufacturers do. Remeber flatter is better!

There are a total of 25 fins on this heatsink. A lot of manufacturers are using the "thin" fin design because with thin fins it creates more surface area for air to pass over which makes it a better cooling heatsink.

The fins bend easily.. if it wasn't for the cylinder shaped spacers between them, they would bend even more.

Geez, even the clip on this heatsink is copper! The clip is even built in to the heatsink itself. I don't see a problem with it being non-removable, nor do I see an advantage.

The fan

The fan on this heatsink is nothing special.. it's a one ball bearing fan, which means it won't last as long as a two ball bearing fan. It spins at 3800rpm and blows 38CFM which is fairly good. However, I would have liked to seen a Delta 7200rpm fan on this heatsink :) The fan has a 3 pin connector so you can connect it to your motherboard and monitor the fan's rpm speed thru your bios or windows.

They did include a fan grill on the fan, that's a big plus in my book, as you know by now I love fan grills :) The fan is attached to this large clip that connects to the heatsink.


I am not going to tell you how to install a heatsink. If you don't know how to install a heatsink, just look back to past heatsink reviews. It installs the same way as any other heatsink installs, and has the same basic clip design.


Test rig:
  • Abit KG7-RAID
  • [email protected] T-bird
  • WinXP
  • 512MB RAM
  • SB Live! X-Gamer

    To get the idle temps I shutdown my test system for 30mins then booted in to windows and then let the system idle for another 30mins. To get the full load temps I ran [email protected] for 60mins.

    I compared a high speed Delta fan and the standard fan that comes on the heatsink, and here is the results:

  • Conclusion
    This is a fine looking heatsink, however it didn't live up to all of my expectations. I really like the looks of this heatsink, and it did include a fan grill, however when it get's down to it, only the full load temps will sale me on a heatsink. I'll be sticking with my Swiftech MCX462 heatsink for along time I believe :)

    I'd like to thank Evercool.com.tw for providing this heatsink for us to review.


    • Solid copper
    • Quiet fan

    • Low rpm fan
    • Expensive

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