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EVERCOOL Venti CPU Cooler Review


EVERCOOL Venti CPU Cooler Testing :

Testing of the EVERCOOL Venti will be accomplished installing the cooler into the test system mounted into a case, not a test bench. Most systems are built and mounted into a sealed (relatively) chassis, so this method will be used to generate the load and idle results from a real world view based on the test system listed below.

Of course, your results may vary, due to case design and ambient air temperature, by several degrees. The CPU load is generated by Prime95 version 27.7 running small FFTs for a period of two hours with a cool down period of one hour after the computer has returned to an idle state. Real Temp 3.70 is used to log the temperatures over the time frame with the highest and lowest averages across the four cores of the Core i7 2600K test CPU. Ambient temperatures are kept at 22ºC throughout the testing to minimize the impact of a variable temperature. The EVERCOOL Venti was tested using the included EVERCOOL T-grease 800 Series thermal paste to give an accurate depiction of the out-of-the-box performance.


Testing Setup:


Comparison Coolers:


EVERCOOL Venti CPU Cooler Results :





Ouch. With the fan blasting away on the EVERCOOL Venti at 2200RPM, not only did it make a pretty decent racket but it also didn't really put up good results. The Venti didn't have issues keeping the test system's 2600K cool at idle for either stock or the overclocked 4.4GHz settings but once the load was cranked up, it was a totally different story. Even at the stock 3.4 GHz setting, the EVERCOOL tower just couldn't keep up with the competition by turning in a fairly high result of 60 degrees C. This is still in the safe territory but the associated noise from the fan makes the result quite unappealing.

Moving onto the overclocked load test, you can see why I was a bit skeptical of that 200 watt thermal dissipation rating listed on the specification sheet. The 2600K at 4.4 GHz doesn't put out anything near a 200 watt thermal load, yet with the fan blazing away at maximum speed, I managed to hit thermal throttling (where the 2600K was idling down to 1600 MHz) within about 15 minutes of running Prime95. At that point I stopped the test as I didn't really feel much obliged to toasting my CPU for the sake of seeing how high I could get the thermal sensors to read.

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