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EVERCOOL Venti CPU Cooler Review


EVERCOOL Venti CPU Cooler Closer Look

You didn't think I'd show you the heatsink up front did you? No, you get to gaze at the stark white blades of the included 120mm fan first. The fan includes a 4-pin header for full PWM control that should allow the Venti to satisfy fans of silence and performance alike. The fan is rated to run anywhere from 800RPM (the lowest speed) up to 2200RPM (the maximum speed) with 35CFM and 75CFM, respectively. The lowest speed should be fairly quiet but I have my doubts that the 2200RPM maximum speed will be ear-pleasing.










At last, the EVERCOOL Venti is revealed. At first glance, it is reminiscent of many great tower coolers from the past few years with its multiple heatpipes, finned base, and ridged cooling fins. As you look closer, you may notice some differences; namely, the overall size is quite small compared to many other heat-dispersing behemoths on the market. The heatpipes are also clustered relatively close together near the outside edge of the tower. Overall fit and finish is quite good and the aluminum fins are serrated to increase cooling and lower noise.




The baseplate of the EVERCOOL Venti is finned, though I have my doubts that it does anything other than look "cool". The top plate of the tower is stamped in both directions with the EVERCOOL namesake and the quad heatpipes bumping through the top plate quite prominently. The tips of the heatpipes don't quite make good contact with the top fin but that isn't uncommon with finishing plates on tower coolers. The base is of a direct-touch design with the four heatpipes flattened and machined to come into direct contact with your heat-producing monster of a CPU. The fit and finish on the base is, at best, okay. The heatpipes are machined relatively flat but the gaps between them and actual aluminum base are visible to the naked eye. For a heatsink rated for 200 watts of heat dissipation, this kind of finish has me a bit skeptical of the rating.




Installing the fan on the EVERCOOL Venti is quite easy, although as you can see in the pictures, I managed to install the fan clips backwards. Instructions? Who needs 'em? Apparently I do…but moving on, the fan mounts without drama and holds quite securely in place. Even with the fan installed, this cooler still keeps to quite diminutive dimensions. I cannot imagine it causing issues with any motherboard or case setup with the exception of cases that cannot fit tower coolers to begin with.

That does bring me to a bit of a sore point here though – as small as the EVERCOOL Venti is, I feel it might be targeted at a market that doesn't exist. Cases that can't fit tall coolers won't be able to fit the EVERCOOL Venti. Cases that can fit tall tower coolers can likely fit coolers much larger than this one without any real troubles at all. While this cooler is fairly inexpensive at $29.99, I have to imagine that it would perform better if it were perhaps just a bit larger in terms of radiating area or if it shipped with a second fan in stock form.



Installation of the Venti wasn't terribly difficult but a bit frustrating. The backplate, while sturdy and well-designed, is attached to the motherboard by four short hex-cap bolts. The slots for the bolts are relatively shallow and as such, hard to get the bolts to bite into. However, once bolted to the motherboard with the included knurled nuts, the backplate didn't go anywhere. From there, it was a simple matter of screwing the tower down onto the mounting nuts (and they do have a set point where they bottom out).

Once installed, you can see how tiny the Venti looks next to even the average-sized board in the test rig. As I said before, I can't see how this cooler would interfere with any motherboard as clearances around the socket are, in a word, spacious. Keep reading to see how the EVERCOOL Venti stacks up when we put it to the screws!


  1. EVERCOOL Venti CPU Cooler: Introduction
  2. EVERCOOL Venti CPU Cooler: Closer Look
  3. EVERCOOL Venti CPU Cooler: Specifications & Features
  4. EVERCOOL Venti CPU Cooler: Setup & Testing
  5. EVERCOOL Venti CPU Cooler: Conclusion
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