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Evercool Transformer 4 Review



The Transformer 4 was tested with half-hour intervals using Prime95 for the load results, and sitting in Vista doing nothing for the idle results. The CPU is then overclocked to a moderate 166x20 (3.33GHz) and tested again to see how well it can handle an overclocked (hotter) processor. Real Temp 3.00 is used to see how hot the processor gets. Voltage is set at 1.25V and the ambient temperature was right at 20C, with the hardware installed into a case for more realistic results. Let's see how the Transformer 4 stacks up against the competition, especially to the similarly-designed Titan Fenrir!

Testing System:


Comparison Heat sinks:







The idle temperatures of the Transformer 4 are higher than the competition, but at load it doesn't do bad at all! The similarly-designed Titan Fenrir beats it in load by only two degrees stock and five degrees in overclocked, beating the stock Intel heat sink by 19C. Possible reasons for the worse performance are that the included thermal paste may be holding the heat sink back, the heat pipes aren't as efficient, or the low pressure fans aren't passing enough air through the fins. It is hard to tell, but it did pretty good nonetheless, and still had some room for overclocking.

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