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Evercool Transformer 4 Review


Closer Look:

The fins are in pretty good shape here on the Transformer 4, as the fans helped protect them. Some are askew, but easy enough to bend back into place. The fins are not soldered into place along the heat pipes, and start shortly from the base of the heat sink, lowering the clearance and posing a possible problem with motherboards that have tall chipset heat sinks, capacitors, etc. The fans are painted silver, and have a holographic Evercool sticker on them. The paint chips off easily, so be careful with them or it will look terrible once they are installed. The fins have a pair of channels cut into them to allow the wire fan clips to snap onto the heat sink (the fan clips can be used with larger fans also). The fin design is I-shaped, and is fed by four heat pipes that spread away from the base to better dissipate heat into the fins. The fin design allows for air to escape through the sides and top/bottom of the fans, effectively diminishing the low-powered fans' effectiveness to blow heat away.









Adorning the top of the heat sink is the Transformer 4 logo, along with "EVERCOOL IDEAL COO ING"... looks like an "L" got lost. At least the typo is small and not in the name. The heat pipes are capped off by these fancy covers and the top looks pretty good aside from the typo.



The fins are cut with a groove to hold the fan clips in place. Each clip is hooked to be able to grab onto the fan holes, allowing any 120mm fan to be used with the Transformer 4. The silver paint chips easily, exposing the black body underneath. These seven-bladed fans from Evercool operate very quietly.



Attaching the mounting bracket to the heat sink is easy; just line up the cross-shaped center with the center of the heat sink base with notches to lock it into place. The bottom of the heat sink base is protected from dirt and scratches by a sticker that must be removed before installation!



With the sticker removed the machining grooves are readily apparent. Unavoidably heat sinks that use exposed heat pipes will have grooves where the heat pipes and base meet, which most users fill with thermal paste. Luckily, Evercool already filled them in somewhat with paste. The base is pretty flat.



With the behemoth installed, I noticed that a RAM slot was covered by the intake fan, while the exhaust fan nearly lined up with the case fan. A tight squeeze, but it fit just fine once it was in. However, if this case had a fan on the side panel, it would have had to been removed.


With the fan installed it's time to read details on the heat sink and then test it!

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