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Evercool Rifling Fan 80mm RF-8 Review



The heat sink used for testing the fans is the ZEROTherm Core 92 cooler, and the competition is a mix of 80mm and 92mm fans. Coming with the heat sink is the Power Logic fan, which is a 92mm fan. The Evercool Rifling fan is a 92mm fan with 80mm bolt holes, and the Gelid and Antec fans are both 80mm fans. The ambient to test the Evercool fan was 75F. To stress the heat sink and show the fans performance better, the CPU was overclocked to 3.33GHz with approximately 1.26V. Idle testing required idling in Vista Ultimate with the average of the four cores reported by Real Temp 3.00. For load testing, the processor is loaded with Prime95. All testing is performed in a case, not a test bench - results should be similar to what users can expect.

Testing System:


Comparison Heat Sinks/Fans:



Gelid Silent 8



Overall the Evercool Rifling fan did a good job in the charts, performing averagely in the idle test and performing equal to the Antec offering in the load test. Performance was similar to the Gelid Silent 8 Thermal Controlled fan, which has similar specifications, but is a true 80mm fan.

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